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1000% growth in projects leads to need for a project management solution

Beyond Build Constructions is a Sydney-based custom home building company with 13 employees. Since establishing in 2016, they’ve experienced rapid growth.

Their success story

Established in 2016, Beyond Build Constructions is a Sydney-based custom home building company with 13 employees. Since the company’s founding, the Sydney housing market has experienced rapid growth that has led to a 1000% growth in Beyond Build Constructions projects from 2016-2019. Within the last three years, the company has built more than 40 custom homes.

As the company continued to secure more business and grow its team, Beyond Build Constructions’ director, Jason Economos, and his business partner, Mark McMullen, decided to take a step back from their day-to-day site visits in order to shift their focus on building the business.


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Beyond Build Constructions Journey with Buildertrend

Once priorities shifted for Jason and Mark, he began spending more time in the office, which decreased his visibility into real-time happenings across the company’s construction projects. Project management tools that the company used in the beginning, such as Excel and daily emails, were no longer effective with the surge in building projects.

To ensure the company consistently delivered on its communication, quality completion and fixed building time customer guarantees, the company started the search for a more advanced project management solution. Jason organically stumbled on Buildertrend after reading a local blog article that told the story about a builder’s experience using the construction software. Unlike other platforms he demoed, Jason found that other project management tools were more complex and required a higher learning curve. “A clear differentiator for Buildertrend is the software’s ease of use,” recalled Jason. “Buildertrend is extremely user friendly and easily integrates with our accounting and estimating software.”

We see the value in Buildertrend every day, and are confident others will too.
Jason Economos, Director

Favorite Features: Daily Logs & Scheduling

According to Jason, his favorite Buildertrend feature is the Scheduling tool. Prior to Buildertrend, he had only a rough estimate of the work the team had committed to. The Scheduling tool allows Jason to have more visibility into the team’s workload. “We use Buildertrend’s Scheduling tool every day,” shared Jason. “We regularly have three-to-four-month projects long occurring at the same time, and the Scheduling tool gives us insight into team’s availability and ensures that jobs are not overlapping.”

With Buildertrend’s Scheduling tool, the team is able to predict timelines and squeeze in projects, if time allows. “Since using Buildertrend, the number of jobs that we take on has easily doubled,” shared Jason.

Jason also appreciates Buildertrend’s Daily Logs tool that provides real-time insight into all of the jobs that the team is working on. “We have sites all over Sydney, so it’s helpful to see all of the team’s updates through the Daily Logs,” he said. Additionally, the Daily Logs tool archives the team’s notes, safeguarding the company from potential issues or damage on the jobsite. “If a customer reports any site damage, I’m able to readily pull Daily Logs reports any day from the last six months and tell them exactly what we did that day – it’s really an incredible feature.”

Integrating Buildertrend into Other Business

Since adopting Buildertrend into the company’s workflows, Jason and Mark have been able to shift their attention to increasing the company’s brand now that the company’s processes are systematized with Buildertrend. “Buildertrend has freed up my time, giving me space to focus on marketing and continue to build the business,” said Jason.

While their priorities shifted, Jason and Mark are still able to find a unique way to utilize Buildertrend for Beyond Build Constructions’ marketing activities. “For our Instagram and Facebook stories, we’re able to keep our content fresh, because the team can capture footage and upload it into Buildertrend. This allows the marketing team to quickly download recent content, edit it as needed, and schedule the content online,” Jason added.

Since implementing Buildertrend nearly six months ago, Beyond Build Constructions has completed six jobs with the software’s help. “We think very highly of Buildertrend,” shared Jason. “Since using the software, I’ve had other builders reach out to me asking about the platform, including a former boss from 10 years ago. Similar to what I’ve shared with them, we see the value in Buildertrend every day, and are confident other builders will see its value, too.”

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