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About Building Homes for Heroes

Building Homes for Heroes (BHH) is a national non-profit that’s committed to rebuilding the lives of men and women who were wounded while serving during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Despite never being involved in the housing industry prior, Andrew Pujol, BHH’s founder, CEO and chairman of the board, knew that he wanted to give back to Veterans who served following 9/11.

To give back, BHH gifts up to 40 homes per year, offering them to wounded Veterans mortgage-free. Of those homes, 30-35 are renovated by the BHH team and five homes are constructed from the ground up. In addition, the non-profit also renovates 10 Veteran-owned homes to ensure their home provides a safe and comforting environment that supports their recovery.

Building Homes for Heroes’ Journey with Buildertrend

While building and modifying homes for Veterans is the core of the Building Homes for Heroes mission, the organization was on the search to find a tool that assisted with scheduling and project management.

James Rogers, director of development at BHH, attended the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) International Builders Show in Orlando, Fla., shortly after BHH opened their second office. His goal at the show was to find a construction project management software that allows the organization to improve its project management process, utilizing a software more sophisticated than spreadsheets that offers enhanced collaboration capabilities. “Spreadsheets are volatile,” James added. “It only takes a couple clicks before you’ve accidentally erased the latest information without even knowing it.”

It was at the International Events Show that James discovered that Buildertrend’s features would allow BHH to keep a pulse on every moving part of the construction and events process, and enable streamlined communication across their two offices and the job site when the team is actively building and remodeling veterans homes. “Today, Buildertrend is a part of who we are and what we do as an organization,” said James. In fact, the organization mentions Buildertrend regularly in their day-to-day workflow, whether it’s discussing the status of various projects or social media content on Buildertrend’s Scheduling tool.

“Today, Buildertrend is a part of who we are and what we do as an organization.”

James Rogers, Director of development

Favorite Features: Daily Logs + Photos

Since the organization has multiple offices and construction projects happening wherever they are building and remodeling homes for veterans, James found value utilizing Buildertrend’s Daily Logs tool. “When our organization began using Buildertrend, the Daily Logs tool allowed me to streamline internal communications across multiple construction projects where building is happening simultaneously,” said James. “The Daily Logs tool has saved our team a lot of time because status updates can easily be shared to everyone in the organization quickly,” he added.

The team at BHH also utilizes the Buildertrend Photo tool to keep veterans abreast of their home’s development. “Oftentimes, the home build is stressful for veterans, particularly if they’re waiting to move into their home or anticipating what their modified house will look like while recovering,” explained James. “Seeing the home’s progress through pictures certainly helps to ease any stress.”

Building Homes for Heroes home build project

Building Homes for Heroes family

Incorporating Buildertrend into Every Business Function

According to James, Buildertrend is more than just BHH’s construction management tool; Buildertrend is the organization’s main project management tool. “Despite providing or modifying homes for wounded veterans, we’re not remodelers or a construction company,” James conveyed. “Buildertrend is critical to managing all of the moving parts at our organization. We’ve incorporated Buildertrend into almost every business function, and the platform is ingrained in everything that BHH does, whether that’s tracking new constructions, scheduling speaking engagements or events, or managing content for the organization’s social media channels.”

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