Your guide to scheduling success in Buildertrend

Your guide to scheduling success in Buildertrend

How scheduling boosts your collaboration, efficiency and client satisfaction

You’ll Learn:

Best practices for building a highly efficient schedule in Buildertrend – one that streamlines processes, sends notifications and is searchable

Tips for how your subs and crew can collaborate on project details right in the Schedule

How to link tasks and employ the critical path method so your schedule adjusts to changes throughout the job but still stays on track

Get setup for success

Before any concrete is poured or windows framed comes one of the most important pieces to any project – creating the job schedule.

Putting one together the right way maximizes collaboration and minimizes time wasted. So, what is that one right way? It’s Buildertrend – the No. 1 construction project management software – and it’s robust digital Schedule tool.

In this guide, we’re highlighting all the ways your team can get more out of one of our most popular features.