2019 year in review: 12 months of breaking boundaries together

Milestones. Memories. Major wins.

Thanks to our extraordinary customers and team, it’s been another momentous year here at Buildertrend.

  • Completed 2 million jobs since 2006; that’s 2 million jobs you finished with us on your side
  • Grew to 500 full-time employees, who are working hard to help you build better
  • Served nearly a million users since our founding – each one transforming the way they do business

Phew. That’s a lot.

While we’d love to pat ourselves on the back, each of our accomplishments is really a credit to our favorite people in the world – our customers.

From our humble beginnings as a scrappy startup in an Omaha basement, our reality today was our wildest dream then. The bigger we grow and the more customers who put their trust in us, the more committed we’ve become to our mission of finding a better way.

Better software. Better customer service. Better training and support. These are the cornerstones of Buildertrend – and no year was that truer than 2019.

We’re making a list …

… of all your accomplishments, and WOW. You’ve had a busy 2019, too.

Sure, Buildertrend had a big year, but yours may rival it. Here’s proof:

Year in Review with Customer Success Stats

These numbers don’t lie. The ball may be dropping in Times Square soon, but you didn’t drop the ball. You landed leads, became a project management master and communicated like a pro. In short, you went from beginner to boss.

However, the best bosses know there’s always room for improvement. Maybe To-Do’s became a daily tool for your company, but you’d like to get better at file sharing. Or, vice versa.

Not to worry. We can help you crush your 2020 goals with tips and tricks for everything from customer management and employee hour tracking to website development and project planning. To really up your success stats, we even offer additional training through Buildertrend University or Onsite Consulting.

Looking at the figures above, you’ve already begun taking your business from good to great. But why stop there? Continue to find new ways to go way above and way beyond. We’ll be there, too, to help every step of the way.

Feature frenzy

Just as you shouldn’t stop on your journey of self-improvement, neither should we. That’s why we’re always introducing new features, fresh services and bettering what we already offer.

Here’s some of our favorites ways we helped you build better in 2019:

  • QuickBooks and Xero two-way sync for an improved financial workflow
  • Mobile document scanning for faster, on-the-go record-keeping
  • Option for your clients to access multiple projects from one login
  • Capability for sharing and storage of 360° photos, so you can give clients the big picture
  • Updates to Schedule, Bills/Purchase Orders, Time Clock, To-Do’s and more

This is all new, all for you. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2020.

A winning year

As we look back at our 2019 awards, there’s one commonality amongst them all – they were each earned in service for customers like you.

Day in. Day out. We work hard and are honored to make your life and business better. Any accolades are simply proof of that and inspiration to continue aiming higher.

To hear more about the winning year we’ve had together, click here.

Thank you for standing by us and helping us surpass our goals in ways we never imagined. As the new decade dawns, we promise to continue standing by you as well.

Before the ball drops and champagne pops, we’d like to say cheers to you. May you have the happiest New Year yet. ?

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