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3 reasons to manage construction timesheets with tech

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Timesheets can feel mundane, and your team probably doesn’t love that part of their job. But the fact is, using timesheets in construction is an excellent data source for business. Especially when it comes to calculating return on investment.

Time tracking software helps you determine hours on the job site and understand resource allocation and job costs. To put it simply, timesheets add structure to any company. But old-fashioned time management is quickly becoming obsolete. Construction project management software is the future.

Here are three reasons why Buildertrend’s Time Clock feature will make managing your team’s timesheets easy and efficient.

1. A simple user experience for easy adoption

Ease of use is a key aspect to consider with technology adoption – especially if you want the tool to be used by your team. In the case of time tracking, you need a solution that can be used on mobile devices from the field. Buildertrend’s Time Clock feature makes it simple for your team to clock in and out. It can even capture their on-site breaks.

The latest design provides an improved user experience for the Time Clock feature on mobile. It provides the right information at the right time to increase efficiency and reduce errors. Buildertrend users can also look for an offline Time Clock function coming soon!

2. Geofencing options to promote accountability

Ensuring accurate time tracking in a construction business can be difficult when employees don’t work at the same place or time. The simple task of clocking in and out when employees don’t work at the office can be challenging and time consuming. With Buildertrend’s mobile app your team can clock in and out as soon as they reach the job site.

The mobile Time Clock feature also has geofencing, so you can rest assured that everyone’s clocking in at the right location. The geofencing feature will automatically alert project managers when a crew member clocks in or out. Or if they’re away from the job site during work hours. This provides better visibility, promotes accountability for your team and allows you to manage labor costs more effectively.

3. Reporting tools for complete data tracking

In addition to instilling employee accountability, digital timesheets boost transparency. Using the data that is created by time tracking software is helpful for collecting progress reports related to labor performance, expense management and payroll.

Providing transparency in the allocation of construction resources is essential for seamless operations and better asset management. Digital timesheet data also ensures you’re documenting important changes such as wage increases. Plus, you’ll be prepared in the event of a financial audit. It also provides a chance to track construction assets more efficiently.

Bring your time tracking into the future with Buildertrend

Time is money, especially in the construction industry. Conquer the challenges of time tracking to improve your business’s growth. You can breathe easier knowing that a digital solution is making tracking timesheet data more efficient.

Still using manual timesheets and ready to start saving time with tech? Schedule a demo today.

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