How construction management apps save subcontractors time and money

Construction management apps are a wealth of knowledge right in a sub’s back pocket. Here’s why Buildertrend is so important in saving time and money.

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It’s hard to imagine what life was like before cell phones disrupted – and, in many ways, improved – everything.

Instead of waving down a cab, simply swipe across an app and a driver appears. Hungry? Food from your favorite restaurant is just a few clicks away. Even dating has gone digital.

Why should construction be any different? It isn’t … anymore. While the industry has been slow to adopt tech, research shows greater productivity and efficiency is now being realized by teams with construction software on their side. They’re better poised to tackle the biggest problems facing the industry and discover long-term success.

Today, construction apps aren’t just for home builders or remodelers either. Subs can share in this success. With Buildertrend, contractors can create individual portals for each of their subs to invite them into their processes.

Trades should want to use these tech tools, too. With the Buildertrend app on their mobile devices, they can save time – and therefore money – working more efficiently from the job site.

Here’s what makes our mobile app so powerful for subcontractors in construction:

  1. The right information in the right place

Ever get to a job site and wonder, “OK, what exactly am I supposed to do today?” Yeah, that’s not a great feeling, but it’s one that’s easily avoided with the Buildertrend app. Right from the Subcontractor Portal, you can get your daily punch list in the To-Do’s tool. No more calling up the builder for more direction, racing back to the office to double check details or hunting through endless texts.

It’s all in the palm of your hand. With that improved accessibility, you’ll always be informed of what’s happening on your projects.

  1. Fewer costly mistakes

Sometimes errors are inevitable – but tech makes them more avoidable. As mentioned, with To-Do’s, your marching orders are clearly spelled out. That means there’s no guesswork on what to do. When it comes to mitigating mistakes, construction software takes it a step further.

At the end of each day, subs can leave their contractors a Daily Log in the Buildertrend app. If anything didn’t go quite as planned or you foresee issues arising soon, you can record it here. The sooner you raise the issue the sooner and easier finding a solution will be.

That’s good news for you and your builder. You can keep moving forward on your work without pause and the overall project is still set to hit deadline.

  1. Less paperwork

This is simple: Paper is the past. Tech is the future.

Think of it this way … you always have your phone on you, no matter what. Why would you always want to lug around notebooks, messages and files from the office to the job site too? It’s impractical. But the need for documentation on any project is necessary.

Whoosh! All those papers fly right from files and desk corners right into your phone for greater convenience. For example, you can even keep your insurance information stored in Buildertrend. Before it expires, you and your builder will receive a notification to renew it.

We’d like to see a notepad do that.

  1. Close the communication loop

The only thing more cumbersome than the amount of documentation needed to get a project done is the amount of communication. Construction is complex work. It requires a lot of back and forth between subs and contractors to solidify bids, keep up on progress during the job and complete payment.

All of that communication can be centralized in Buildertrend. Messages, comments and other tools keep every word recorded, offering subs an easy way to find information and legal protection should plans go awry. And, of course, solid collaboration means better coordination and by extension less time and money spent for no reason.

Save time and money using the Buildertrend app and Subcontractor Portal

The faster you get your job done, the smaller the overall cost. With construction software like Buildertrend, subcontractors in construction can increase the speed of completion on their tasks. That means more time for more projects – and more moolah to follow.

The Buildertrend app is your effective ‘app’roach to boosting productivity and profits.

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Sean Robinson
Sean Robinson

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