Is your company delivering great customer service?

Cathern Strief / Buildertrend

Unfortunately, when people think of construction, superior customer service isn’t the first thing they think of … but luckily, so many companies are working hard to change that. And if you feel that your customer service still needs work, this blog is for you!

Quality customer service comes down to exceeding the client’s expectations, not just meeting them. How do you deliver? Pay close attention to all of your customer’s requests, no matter how big or small. The little things you might think are unimportant could end up being the big things for your client. And the true foundation of great customer service is solid communication between you and your client.

When it comes to keeping the lines of communication open, follow these steps: First, use your knowledge and expertise as a contractor to help the client obtain the best value for their money.

Second, train your company’s staff to value customer service. By teaching them to put the customer first, it will ensure their interactions with the customers go well, even when you aren’t there.

Third, include a few free services when you can during a project. Like we said before, the little things can end up being the big things when a project is complete, so including a few “freebies” for your clients will go a long way. Whether it’s a little gift when the project is complete or a small upgrade that you do for free, your client will appreciate the kind gesture.

Now you’re probably wondering what benefits this will bring your company. Well, not only will you hopefully surpass the competition by providing superior customer service, but you should gain more referrals from those customers that you deliver exceptional customer service to. And, you might even see a monetary gain!

Need help putting all of these items into action during a project? Software, like Buildertrend, can help! From start to finish, our cloud-based project management software can help you with all of your communication during a project, making it easier for you to deliver the best possible customer service. It’s a win-win for you and your clients.

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