Customer success story

Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc.

Learn how email marketing tools, online payments and Buildertrend’s Customer Portal help this Arizona remodeling firm grow while maintaining top-notch client relations.

Their success story

Standing out in one of America’s hottest real estate markets isn’t easy, but Phoenix-based remodeler Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc., has paired its craftsmanship with construction software to make a name for itself.

Better known in the region as TWD, Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc., built its brand on delivering unparalleled customer service.

“From its drywall beginnings, the team’s expertise and quality work performed for home builders led to requests for additional jobs with expanded work scopes, and it didn’t take long for homeowners to take notice of their level of customer service,” said TWD office manager Jennifer Crompton.

As a design-build remodeler, TWD brought on Buildertrend to help it deliver the projects its customers desire while maintaining constant communication.

Their journey from subcontractor to full-service remodeler was made possible with the innovative builder-focused tech of Buildertrend.

“This is our 25th year in business, so we’ve been through industry ups and downs,” Jennifer said. “We’ve been honored to work on projects all over the state and build a diverse portfolio. Buildertrend just helps us stay rooted in what we’re doing and be able to provide that five-star experience that our customers deserve.”


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Winning solution

Email marketing

Their story

From small drywall repairs to full remodels, TWD does it all.

Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc. may be working on large-scale luxury remodeling projects valued at up to $500,000, but the firm still takes on the $350 repair jobs that laid the foundation of its business 25 years ago.

“We will never move away from doing small repair projects – they are what got us where we are today,” she said.

Started back in 1996 as just a drywall repair company, Todd Whittaker’s crews impressed their home builders who began asking them for additional services such as stucco and paint, Jennifer said.

Homeowners from across the Greater Phoenix area soon began calling in asking for kitchen and bathroom remodels and full home renovations.

By 2013, the TWD team was poised to dive in to full-home remodeling, but their expansion prospects uncovered a need.

“If we were going to grow the business and take on the full realm of being a general contractor, we needed to become more automated with our processes,” she said.

“That was that turning point.”

twd bathroom
Custom bathroom by Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc.

Their goal

Scaling their business with uncompromising customer service

Taking TWD to the next level as a business didn’t mean sacrificing its customer service standards.

As they sought to expand and diversify their services, the TWD team researched different tech programs that would help them accomplish their goals and maintain their identity.

Buildertrend was their answer and now has become an integral part of their sales and construction operations.

At any given moment, TWD may have as many as 120 jobs going across Metro Phoenix, which encompasses over 20 cities.

“Buildertrend made it easier for us to expand and take on more work without losing that personal touch and line of communication with each individual customer,” Jennifer said.

TWD Kitchen
Custom bathroom by Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc.

Their Solution

Customer connection, online payments and email marketing

Remodelers like Todd Whittaker Drywall can be working on and in a client’s home sometimes for months.

Buildertrend has allowed TWD to give its clients extra insight into their projects through the Schedule feature, which outlines the process and sends notifications of any timeline changes.

The Schedule feature was the first implemented by TWD.

Homeowners can now see what milestones in their project lie ahead and understand what to expect as the TWD team works on their kitchen, bathroom or other home improvement project.

“It keeps that communication between everybody running,” Jennifer said.

“The last thing you want to have happen is you reschedule a job and your subcontractors are aware, but your homeowner didn’t know of the change.”

Homeowners can access their project’s schedule through the Customer Portal, and Jennifer said it’s really become an added selling point for their clientele.

Arizona is a popular place for second homes, and Buildertrend’s Customer Portal offered an immediate way for Todd Whittaker Drywall to keep out-of-state clients updated on their remodels.

“It really allows the project to progress smoothly, and the homeowner to feel like they are included every step of the way even though they might not be there in-person,” Jennifer added.

Buildertrend Payment Processing has also allowed TWD to offer its clients more convenient payment options.

Payment Processing offers an online way for builders to pay their trades and receive payment from their clients easily, and all of those transactions sync to QuickBooks and Xero – efficiently eliminating double entry.

Before Payment Processing, TWD ran into issues obtaining payments from homeowners during their weekday business hours and, in some case, experienced delays on projects a result. They understood the time constraints many working homeowners face, making the Payment Processing feature of Buildertrend a time- and money-saving solution for their business.

“We’re collecting payments at night when we’re not even in the office – and over the weekend,” she continued. “No more time spent having to play phone tag chasing money anymore.”

“Now it’s a matter of pushing out that request for payment, and that’s it.”

The TWD team’s sales process has also scaled up, while remaining organized and personal since they’ve adopted Buildertrend, she said.

From her desk, Jennifer has a birds-eye view of the status of sales at TWD with Buildertrend’s Presales Process tools. She can get an hourly snapshot of what’s happening and has command of all the vital sales stats the company needs to know.

Before Buildertrend, she relied on Excel spreadsheets to keep track of everything. With their current sales volume, she shared that keeping up with those spreadsheets the old-school way would be nearly impossible today.

Now Buildertrend helps her stay on top of sales volume and incoming inquiries with ease.

She also enjoys how Buildertrend’s email marketing features connect them with clients efficiently, all while maintaining a personal touch.

Buildertrend’s email marketing tools helped the TWD team create a three-part drip email campaign to automate important communication surrounding a customer’s upcoming appointment.

The first email arrives the day before the measurement appointment and sets expectations, so the client knows what will happen and who they are meeting with. These auto-generated emails have proven extra helpful amid the pandemic, so TWD can inform clients of their safety precautions prior to the appointment as well. For initial appointments within TWD’s Design Showroom, the email sent provides their full address with Google directions and tips to get the most out of their upcoming consultation.

Another email drops on the day of the appointment, reminding the client of the scheduled visit with contact information for the salesperson coming to their home.

Then the final email follows up two days later and gives the client an opportunity to share additional thoughts or questions they’ve had since the appointment.

“It maintains that communication with the homeowner automatically with a personal touch, and my sales team doesn’t have to do a thing,” Jennifer said.

These auto-generated emails build a connection with clients, and when clients respond, their messages are synced to the Buildertrend system, so conversations are saved and any changes or requests get recorded as the final estimate gets drawn up.

That’s next-level communication.

At a growing business like TWD, the investment in Buildertrend has freed up the team and proven immeasurably beneficial.

“It’s hard to put a true number to the amount of time savings we’ve gained,” Jennifer said. “It’s on a daily basis, and it’s throughout all aspects of our company.”

Buildertrend made it easier for us to expand without losing that personal touch.
Jennifer Crompton, TWD

Custom kitchen and dining by Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc.

Their success

Immediate impact for customers

Buildertrend keeps Todd Whittaker Drywall’s cash flowing, leads engaged and subs and homeowners in the loop on the ins and outs of every project.

To Jennifer, builders looking to amp up their communication capabilities – especially with homeowners – should look no further than Buildertrend.

“Lots of construction companies need help with their accounting or other business functions,” Jennifer said. “But when it comes to customer service and interaction, with the help of Buildertrend, you’ll see an immediate impact in your daily operations.”

Want to see the impact Buildertrend can bring to your business? Schedule a demo today.

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