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Success Story

Selvig Development was looking for an all-in-one system that helped lessen the load of administrative duties. What they weren’t expecting to find was a platform that also safeguarded their company with job tracking done the detailed way.

Their story

A Bay Area remodeler with an eye for detail

3000 Bway clerstory awning

Awning by Selvig Development

Selvig Development believes the best spaces are ones that make people happy. That’s why this boutique design and build firm provides extra care to craft custom details into every job. It’s these details that make buildings special, clients happy and Selvig Development unlike other Bay Area remodelers.

President Rolf Selvig started the business from the ground up. This ambitious nature runs through the core of the company as his business tackles residential and commercial remodels as well as specializes in transforming homes for aging clients.

Their goal

Spending less time on job production and more time on jobs

Scheduling. Timecards. Change orders. Client management. And more. Lots, lots more. Rolf’s head was spinning. Running a tight team that’s just him and one to three other people, there was too much to get done and not enough time.

“Basically, I was without a hub,” Rolf said. “I was having to be the guy between everyone in the field, subs, billing, supplies. It was a lot to manage.”

Their solution

Finding one tool that works for everyone – and tracks everything

Selvig Development’s path to Buildertrend started where all good things start. A Google search.

The workload was growing. The bandwidth of his team was not. So, he thought, perhaps the king of all search engines had a fix and began looking into construction project management software for remodelers. That’s when he landed on Buildertrend. It was love at first demo.

“it just seemed like the right fit,” Rolf said. “The learning curve didn’t look rough, and the interface was non-threatening. Plus, the support was always going to be there. That was huge for me starting on a new system.”

Slevig Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design by Selvig Development

Rolf also needed a system that was accessible to more than just himself. He wanted a cure-all that everyone could access – team members, subs and clients. A party in a platform. If he was really going to save time, he needed something that kept everyone in the loop – instantly.

That’s why one of the first features he implemented was the Schedule. Prior, he was wasting too much time on this administrative duty. Now he can easily set one up – even using a templates from prior jobs – link To-Do’s, attached Daily Logs and share with all stakeholders in the project.

“I can tell you I sleep a lot better,” Rolf said. “I can’t get a human being to do all this work for what I pay for Buildertrend a month.”

The other big advantage to Buildertrend for Rolf and his team? Every detail is tracked. This is a remodeler who thinks details define a design, but they’re just as important to keeping a project on track. By using Buildertrend as their all-in-one-solution, a background of all activities is established. That even goes for when team members are on the job site.

To not worry about the detail of when his team or trades are (or aren’t) working, Rolf began implementing the Time Clock feature. Here, employees can clock in and clock out right from the mobile app on the job site. This helped hold his crew responsible and saved hours from his workload.

“The fact is I don’t have to chase guys down for timecards anymore,” Rolf said. “Overall, there is a fundamental change from flying by the seat of my pants with cobbled systems. Buildertrend brings everything together in a far more managed and orderly way.”

Tracking everything in one system proved beneficial for not only team management but client management as well. Rolf learned through experience that using smart tech with smart features can mean the difference between spending thousands on a legal claim or not.

Selvig Development

Dining room by Selvig

Recently, and the first time in his company’s history, he got a call from an angry lawyer. A client who owed money was actually demanding a refund. With the Change Order feature and other financial tools in the system, Rolf could go back and prove that the work that was done was actually requested by the client, signed off and approved.

Following two quick phone calls with the attorney and a quick show of the job price summary, the dispute was ended. Within any Buildertrend job price summary, a history of invoices, change orders, payments and approvals exist.

“Since the calls, I haven’t heard another word.” Rolf said.

Their success

Getting more done in less time

After five years with Buildertrend, Rolf has seen efficiency improve tenfold using one hub to handle it all. He no longer has to waste time jumping from one system to another to handle scheduling, billing, client relations and more. It’s all right there – every feature at his fingertips and every action tracked down to the last detail.

“We can track the past and see what’s coming down the road,” Rolf said. “Things are infinitely easier.”

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