5 reasons Buildertrend customers should join Pro Xtra – The Home Depot’s Loyalty Program Built for Pros

ProXtra Loyalty Program

Prepare for a better way to get the job done, construction industry.

The world’s leading construction software and the world’s largest home improvement retailer are working together. Now Buildertrend and The Home Depot are ready to shake things up – in a good way.

As leaders in the space, the two industry titans want to equip Pros with the tools – both digital and physical – needed to effectively manage and grow their businesses. And since both Buildertrend and The Home Depot are committed to saving Pros time and money it only makes sense they work together to offer even more value.

What does this partnership mean for Buildertrend’s customers? First and foremost – streamlined processes. These are two companies, each with a deep understanding of construction professionals and the challenges they’re up against, that are constantly working to make the building process better. One example? An in-the-works product integration that will allow Pros to easily order discounted supplies from the retailer – right in our app. Talk about time savings.

But that’s not all! Buildertrend also partnered with The Home Depot because of Pro Xtra its loyalty program built just for Pros, offering members-only perks and business tools. It’s free, so all customers have to do is join to see more success with every job.

Plus, those who do join will receive $20 off their next $200 purchase at The Home Depot. But this is about more than a one-time offer. Here are the top five reasons why Buildertrend customers should join Pro Xtra:

1) Improve your bottom line  

The day of clipping coupons to save at checkout are in the past. Pro Xtra members enjoy offers on products and services, like extra savings or in-app coupons. These are the type of huge special offers you won’t see in the Sunday paper. They’re for homebuilders, remodelers and contractors only – all delivered straight to your inbox once you join.

The more you buy, the more you save – because we know you’re not just piecing together a rinky-dink DIY project. You’ve got houses to build from the bottom up. With bulk volume pricing, members can save on qualifying purchases of $1,500 or more. Just assemble your project list, bring it to the Pro desk in-store and get a quote for the lowest price possible.

Just another way it pays to be a Pro at The Home Depot.

2) Get back to work more quickly

You don’t have time to stand in line at checkout – you’ve got work to do and a crew to tend to. That’s why The Home Depot makes it easy for Pros to get in, get what they need and get back to the job site.

At your local store, you’ll find dedicated Pro checkouts, reserved Pro parking and convenient order loading. Plus, you can even call ahead and have your order ready to pick up when you arrive.

For any additional help you need, stop by the Pro Desk to talk quotes, special ordering and see an expanded assortment not found in store. That’s exclusive service and selection brought to you with a smile from The Home Depot’s friendly, orange-clad associates.

3) Shop paints at a perfect price

Paint is as essential as hammers and nails to the success of any construction job – but can be much harder to shop for. This is, unless you’re a Pro Xtra member.

With Pro Xtra’s Paint Rewards program, members can save up to 20% on paints, stains and primers, both in-store and online. Plus, members are guaranteed dedicated rep support to ensure they get quick, convenient fulfillment and access to lifetime color history.

Ready to get exclusive benefits to help take your business to the next level?

Learn more about Pro Xtra from Home Depot

4) Simplify tracking expenses

Every contractor has been there. We’re talking about that moment when your desk has morphed into a towering mountain of receipts. Juggling a lot of jobs simultaneously means frequent runs to The Home Depot and the accompanying receipts.

Pro Xtra makes purchase tracking a breeze. Digitally save up to two years of purchases and organize them by job, location, purchase order or date. You can track purchases right at checkout or add past receipts after the fact. This is a major time-saver when it comes to tax preparation and expense accounting.

Plus, tracking supply expenses is easy even if you’re not the one shopping. With Text2Confirm Authorization, business owners can set up cards for employees and quickly approve purchases via text – making it easy to stay on top of every cent.

5) Earn rewards

The best part about joining Pro Xtra? Every dollar you spend gets you closer to earning money-saving rewards. Just track purchases using The Home Depot app and watch your spending add up. Each time members unlock a perk, they can choose from rewards like Tool Rental Credit or Pro Xtra Dollars, which can be used like cash in-store or online. Plus, Pros receive surprise bonus perks – like a free drink or snack – simply for being a member.

All of this is yours just for shopping at The Home Depot.

Save time, save money and get rewarded with Pro Xtra

Pro Xtra is The Home Depot’s free loyalty program built just for Pros – providing members with exclusive benefits that help them take their business to the next level.

It’s a natural fit for Buildertrend’s customers. You’re already using our digital tools and cutting-edge software to revolutionize your business. This is the obvious the next step. Plus, with the product integration coming soon, becoming a Pro Xtra member makes you a better Buildertrend user, too.

Click here to get started and learn more about The Home Depot’s Pro Xtra program. And if you haven’t yet checked out Buildertrend but are looking for a construction job software that streamlines processes, increases collaboration and improves profits, schedule a demo now.

Together, Buildertrend and The Home Depot can help you smash all your business goals.

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Sean Robinson Sean Robinson is a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend

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