Better product and expense management with Buildertrend + The Home Depot

Here’s why Buildertrend’s construction management software and Pro Xtra, The Home Depot's loyalty program, make the perfect pair.

The Home Depot Integration

What happens when you combine the best construction management software with the might of the largest supply retailer for industry pros? Complete building magic.

Buildertrend and The Home Depot teamed up to bring you the biggest and most exciting integration to date, and it’s finally here! After years of partnership, we can’t wait for you, our home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors, to experience this game-changing upgrade to your product and expense management.


Two innovative platforms, one seamless integration

The partnership between Buildertrend and The Home Depot began with a common goal: To equip construction pros like you with the best tools to effectively manage and grow your businesses.

“As leaders in the space, Buildertrend and The Home Depot each bring a unique perspective to the table, and both know the challenges and opportunities facing today’s pros,” said Frank Blake, general manager for outside sales and service at The Home Depot.

After an initial visit to The Home Depot in 2017, several pilot programs and a huge amount of research later, the final product is taking flight. Buildertrend customers can now connect their accounts with Pro Xtra to streamline ordering, tracking and purchasing of their job site materials. This new integration will reduce the chance of double entry and unplanned expenses with better record keeping and job costing.

See what our experts have to say about the development of the integration and the benefits you can expect from the partnership of these two dynamic platforms.


We did our research with your best interest in mind

“Talking to and learning from our customers was a crucial part of this design process,” said Sarah Biben, lead product designer. “We wanted to ensure we were leveraging our partnership with The Home Depot to create a solution that solves real customer problems.”

An in-depth research process allowed the Product team to learn more about your needs as a customer and your experience using The Home Depot and Pro Xtra. This led to the advancement of features that would solve problems such as product availability information, which is crucial to your planning and purchasing workflows.

“We also took every opportunity to get our prototype in front of our customers to get their valuable feedback and ensure we were effectively solving their problems,” said Biben. “We used their feedback to revise and make our feature as simple to use as possible.”


With this collaboration, you’ll have game-changing expense management

“It’s a game-changer because material prices are constantly changing, and it’s impossible to keep catalog items within Buildertrend updated with these price changes,” said Michael Vandevoort, corporate development specialist. “With the ease of sending items to their cart from Buildertrend, it can cut down on unnecessary trips to The Home Depot.”

You will benefit by knowing exactly how much your materials will cost, and you can quickly send the items you need directly to your shopping cart from your Buildertrend account when connected to Pro Xtra. By using this new process, you can more accurately manage your unplanned expenses.

“Many of our customers shop at The Home Depot for unexpected needs on their projects,” said Biben. “This integration will help them better plan for those last-minute purchases.”


We’re excited about these features, and you will be, too

“We’ve seen customers get excited about different features depending on their responsibilities at their company,” Biben said. “Pro Xtra’s connection to the Buildertrend catalog has been met with a lot of excitement for those who manage material and product planning and purchasing, particularly with Selections and Purchase Orders.”

Additionally, your team members responsible for tracking job expenses will be thrilled to learn about the capability allowing The Home Depot receipts to automatically sync with Buildertrend’s construction management software.

“The Receipt Management Tool integration is going to help organize the ongoing purchases made at The Home Depot into a single location for better reconciliation and allocation of costs,” said Austin Smith, senior product manager. “This is going to help remove the day-to-day need for chasing down receipts.”

No matter the role – accountant, bookkeeper, selections coordinator or project manager – this integration gives efficiency, automation and accuracy to all aspects of job costing and record keeping.


Get the convenient, streamlined processes you need with Buildertrend and Pro Xtra

The newly integrated experience will add valuable solutions that will make it easier than ever to track expenses while removing the hassle from ordering, tracking and purchasing job site materials. Customers can also unlock Preferred Pricing, a benefit of Pro Xtra that provides lower-than-shelf pricing wherever they shop – in store or online.*

“With Buildertrend and Pro Xtra, we hope to connect more construction pros than ever before with quality products, service, price and selections,” said Blake. “Whether they need a better way to track purchases and expenses or a seamless option to build job estimates and purchase products, the integration will be beneficial across all aspects of their job management.”


Be better than the rest with Buildertrend and The Home Depot

If you’d like to learn more about this new integration or have questions on how to get your accounts connected, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re new here and think Buildertrend and Pro Xtra, The Home Depot’s loyalty program, could help with managing your construction business, schedule a demo today.

Don’t have a Pro Xtra account? Sign up now!


* You must use your Pro Xtra ID at checkout to use the benefit. Exclusions apply.

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