QuickBooks Online common myths debunked

Chelsea Cole / Buildertrend

In this webisode, we’re debunking the most common myths associated with QuickBooks Online. For instance, it’s believed that the integration between QuickBooks Online and Buildertrend is difficult. When really, it’s a matter of setup and understanding what needs to be connected between the two platforms. After that, it’s a seamless process and data is transferred automatically.

Check out the full episode to debunk more myths and learn about how Buildertrend’s integration with QuickBooks Online can make your financial management more efficient.

We’ll cover:

  • Major concerns about QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Online features and functionality
  • Positive results of integrating QuickBooks Online with Buildertrend

Watch now to hear from experts:

  • Zach Wojtowicz, onsite consultant at Buildertrend

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Chelsea Cole

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