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Get to know Buildertrend’s 5 most powerful integrations

Learn more about five of Buildertrend's most powerful integrations.

Let’s think of Buildertrend as the superhero who defends builders from the evils of project delays, financial stresses and miscommunication. And one of our superpowers? Integrations.

Buildertrend offers more than 20 integrations that make project management a whole lot easier. Check out five of our most (super) powerful integrations that will make your construction project villains vanish.

1. Excel integration to stay organized

Although simple, one of Buildertrend’s most popular and powerful integrations is with Excel. Being able to quickly import Excel documents into Buildertrend allows for organized and accessible document storage in a single location.

In a flash, you can have your Excel files and important project information imported and ready to use. After importing your Excel documents into the financials section, you can make adjustments and edits as needed. By storing and updating your documents in Buildertrend, your numbers will be updated in real time ensuring your office and field teams are always on the same page.

2. QuickBooks & Xero integration for seamless financial processes

QuickBooks and Xero provide accounting solutions for small businesses, and both softwares are fully integrated with Buildertrend. Setting up QuickBooks or Xero with your Buildertrend account gives you cloud-based access to your job costing from wherever, and it’s available whenever you need it. The setup is easy, and with every update, your numbers adjust in real time.

“Builders can streamline communication between their accounting department and production team through Buildertrend’s QuickBooks and Xero integrations,” said Zach Wojtowicz, onsite consultant at Buildertrend. “They can eliminate inefficiencies by removing double entry into two softwares and standardize processes for job costing and managing expenses.”

Crush your finance management goals and stay on top of your cash flow with Buildertrend’s QuickBooks and Xero integrations.

Ready to level up your construction billing process?

Learn more about payment processing

3. Buildertrend’s Payment Processing to pay and get paid faster

Online payments with Buildertrend allow for quick and efficient payments between you, your subs and your clients. Don’t wait days or weeks to send or receive payments. Buildertrend Payment Processing ensures cleaner, faster workflows, sends automatic notifications when a payment is completed and offers lower fees than other payment processors.

“Our customers can get paid faster,” said Trevor Pillen, associate product manager at Buildertrend. “They can start accepting payments right away with instant onboarding and can deliver same-day settlements. Builders will receive flexible payment options and take the pain out of invoicing by creating a payment schedule and setting deadline dates.”

And keep your information invisible, too. Every transaction is secured by industry-leading risk technology. Buildertrend offers a seamless payment process for your subs and clients while increasing your profitability.

4. Builder’s Risk Insurance to protect your business and clients

Things will go wrong. And while we can’t predict what will happen or when, we do know that it’s inevitable. It’s just the nature of the business. Be prepared for the unknown and power up with Builder’s Risk Insurance from Silverstone Group, LLC, a HUB International company, through Buildertrend.

“Builders have been able to save hundreds per home and thousands per year,” said Michael Vandevoort, corporate development strategist at Buildertrend. “It’s super easy and simple to get a policy in place in under five minutes through the software, at any time of the day.”

With this partnership and platform integration, you can safeguard your projects, pay a flat premium per job and access documents or claims needs directly from your Buildertrend account.

5. Outlook add-in to easily transfer email documents

Remember when you had to save your files to your desktop in order to upload them to Buildertrend? Well, that’s a thing of the past with our Outlook add-in.

“We know that in-office employees for builders receive lots of job-related emails with attachments,” Vandevoort said. “Before, to get the attachments into Buildertrend, users had to download the email attachments to their local file storage, log in to Buildertrend and upload the documents to a job-specific folder. With the Outlook add-in, users can get their email attachments into Buildertrend without having to leave Outlook.”

Save time and provide your team with the files they need at lightning speed.

Defend your business with Buildertrend

We’ve got the integrations you need to prevent villainous conflicts and keep your business running smoothly. Take control of your financials, protect your business with Builder’s Risk Insurance, make speedier payments and more.

Not sure where to start? Visit our integrations and partnerships page or reach out to your account executive. Additionally, we’re always looking for feedback on our integrations. You can submit suggestions using the Give Feedback tab in your Buildertrend account or send an email to

If you’re considering Buildertrend and want to learn more about all of the top-notch features and services we have to offer, schedule a demo today!

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