Why your construction company needs QuickBooks Online

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Build it. Bill it. Get paid from it.

Bookkeeping should be that easy, right? Unfortunately, for many construction companies, that’s far from reality. They’re still doing finances the old-fashioned way. We’re talking by hand or by Excel. If this sounds familiar, stop letting the slog of accounting get you down.

It’s time you upgrade to QuickBooks Online. Even if you’re already using QuickBooks Desktop, you’re not reaping all of the benefits this accounting software can afford construction company owners. QuickBooks Desktop is still a powerful platform, but contractors should think of the bigger picture.

They want an accounting solution that streamlines and simplifies everything – even beyond the numbers making up your bottom line. Construction is an industry notorious for adapting to tech at snail’s speed. However, when it comes to your profit platform, you don’t want to fall behind.

It’s time to step into the world of cloud computing with QuickBooks Online.

Access accounting anytime, anywhere

Stop. Do not cross go. Do not collect $200. Before we go any further, we first need to establish an understanding of SaaS, or Software as a Service. SaaS is also commonly known as cloud-based software, too. That means these types of systems can be accessed from any device as long as an internet connection or data is available.

That’s exactly what QuickBooks Online affords your company. Unlike QuickBooks Desktop, you’re not tied to a singular monitor with the application downloaded onto it. Instead, your finances become as mobile as you are.

Imagine this. You’re on the job site and you no longer have to race back to the office to assess job costs, send bills, generate invoices or accept online payments. It’s the power of QuickBooks now in the palm of your hand.

Syncs with construction project management software

One of the best benefits of cloud-computing models like QuickBooks Online is how easily they integrate with other cloud-based apps.

This is how QuickBooks Online helps power your business beyond bookkeeping. Construction job software like Buildertrend allows for QuickBooks Online 2-way sync. Information can transfer between both platforms with the push of a button. Plus, you have the ability to take job specific expenses that originated in QuickBooks and send them back into your Buildertrend budgets for more accurate job costing across all of your jobs.

Think about that for a minute.

That means no more double entry. No more managing multiple systems. It’s all comes together under one roof. Project managers can now keep their jobs flowing through one easy-to-use product but take comfort knowing QuickBooks Online is integrated to catch and take care of all the accounting pieces.

Plus, Buildertrend empowers QuickBooks online, too. With our platform, you can report on the job budget versus job actuals – a capability all construction teams can use and love.

Let’s see it all in action:

Step 1: From the start of a job, enter estimates, invoices and budget information directly into Buildertrend to set the financial foundation.

Step 2: Right from that same homebuilder app, create schedules, manage your team and communicate with clients.

Step 3: As the project progresses, every detail that needs to post to QuickBooks Online happens through smart financial features via Buildertrend. Even better, this is all visible to your accounting team, too.

Step 4: Get paid by clients and pay subcontractors all in one place – Buildertrend. With every penny managed through smart software, job costs and reporting have never been so accurate at the end of every project.

Get QuickBooks Online + Buildertrend now

Keeping track of all your dollars and cents by Excel leaves room for error and is sure to give your accountant countless headaches. Though tech seems like an investment, the benefits pay your business back tenfold.

Financial accuracy ensures nothing slips through the cracks, meaning you’re collecting on all the work you’re doing (not just some of it) and everything is now synced, streamlined and super accessible when you couple QuickBooks Online with Buildertrend. These two work together like a singular SaaS powerhouse.

To get started with Buildertrend now, try it risk free. Then integrating with QuickBooks Online is a cinch.

Construction is a complicated business, especially as companies grow and manage multiple projects at once.

Being able to manage the progress of jobs, keep a record of everything and streamline cash flow is critical to construction professionals. The combination of Buildertrend and QuickBooks Online gives your team exactly what they need to run their business better. That level of peace of mind is priceless.

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