How our core values drive Buildertrend’s success

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What makes Buildertrend … well, Buildertrend?

There are countless construction project management systems, dozens of tech companies in the Omaha area and yet there’s only one Buildertrend. So, what defines and differentiates us?

It’s three simple things: Our customers, team and product. This terrific trio also happens to be our values. A one-two-three sucker punch to the status quo. Because that’s what Buildertrend is all about … going above and beyond. Wanting more. Finding a better way.

Our values help guide us as we search for that better way, all three of them instilled in each Buildertrend employee (all 500+ of us!) as we make that journey. Customers, Team and Product keep us connected and motivate us to do our best work, day in and day out. They’ve also helped us nab a few honors along the way. Awards aren’t why we do what we do – but, hey, they sure don’t hurt.

To get a better understanding of the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha, let’s take a deeper look at each value, its impact on Buildertrend and how they drive our team’s recent successes.


Let’s start at the top … as in top priority. Yep, that’d be our customers. We don’t like to think of ourselves as just another vendor for them. Instead, we are a true partner in their success. When they win, we win.

To date, we’ve provided more than 1 million construction professionals a better way to run their business and a better way for their clients to experience building. The more we grow, the more committed we’ve become to our customers and the belief that even the best can get better. That’s why we’re continually improving our Customer Success department to better serve those who rely on our platform.

Those improvements we’re recently recognized when Buildertrend was named a Silver Stevie® Award winner in the Customer Service Department of the Year category. This is the second consecutive year Buildertrend has been honored by the United States’ premier business awards, receiving a Bronze Stevie® Award in the same category in 2019.

This past year, some of our advancements to provide a more seamless and specialized customer experience include the largest organizational change in the company’s history to create Super Teams where Sales and Customer Success work together for more collaboration, upgraded support for each customer from one coach to an entire team and a more innovative and automated help desk provider.

We’re always doing more for those who matter most – our customers. It’s all about solving real problems, delivering real results and experiencing real change.


Remember when we said we we’re the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha? Well, here’s more good news. We’re also one of the Best Workplaces nationwide, according to a competitive national ranking by Inc. magazine.

All the credit for both of these accolades goes to our second core value – Team. Our company culture is our people, not the perks. Not the in-office gym. Not even the cold beer on tap. That’s never been made more evident than this year when all 500+ members of the Buildertrend team began working from home during the COVID-19 crisis.

From dining room tables and living room sofas, our culture of collaboration didn’t skip a beat. The team stayed connected through video meetings, interactive online channels, companywide giving opportunities and – last but certainly not least – virtual happy hours.

Whether working in office or from home, to be on the Buildertrend team is trust the person next to you, celebrate our successes and never stop improving. Across departments, we push one another to go farther, dig deeper and save the day, all while sharing a laugh.


Buildertrend may be a people-first business, but there would be no Buildertrend to speak of if it wasn’t for our powerful platform.

Our software is cutting-edge, forward-thinking and helps customers across more than 100 countries. It’s no wonder Buildertrend was named a 2020 SIIA CODiE Award finalist in the Best Project Management Solution category.

From Estimating, Scheduling and Change Order features to Client Communication and Document Management tools, our all-in-one system streamlines every aspect of construction into a single, easy-to-use system. Plus, our engineering and development teams are always working to make our smart solution even smarter with new features, functionalities and updates that really meet construction professionals’ needs.

For many of those professionals, it’s Buildertrend that’s helped them continue working amid the coronavirus pandemic. With tech in their toolbelt, construction teams can digitize their businesses, keep projects going and strengthen communication.

Let Buildertrend’s success be your success

So, there you have it! Now you see how our three core values empower our award-winning efforts. And we’d like to share some of that success with you. As mentioned earlier, we aren’t just some vendor. We win together with our customers.

Schedule a demo if you want to check out how our product (hi, value No. 3!) can help your company.

We think you’ll love seeing what makes Buildertrend … well, Buildertrend.

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Sean Robinson

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