Why construction executives love Buildertrend

In most industries, the title “executive” might bring to mind visions of corner offices and Fridays spent on the golf course. Construction isn’t most industries.

For many in the building biz, especially the mom-and-pop companies that define residential construction, executives are getting down and dirty alongside their crew. Instead of designer ties, it’s hard hats. Their business is their livelihood and their teams a second family. These are the type of guys and gals whose word is as good as gold.

Of course, we take that word to heart when they’ve got something to say about us. Because we at Buildertrend, the leading construction project management software, are proud to work with executives who define what it means to be enterprising in all the right ways.

So, what’s all the buzz about? Why can’t construction executives get enough of Buildertrend? Let’s hear from some of these industry titans now …

1) More productivity, less overhead

Shelter Solutions

“The key thing is Buildertrend handles what one full-time person would normally do … maybe two. It’s the magic formula: Buildertrend decreases overhead and increases production.”

JOE ROBERTSON, owner of Shelter Solutions, Portland, Wash.


Efficiency is the name of the game in construction. We know that wasted days mean wasted dollars. That’s why our homebuilder app was built to save the industry time. With Buildertrend, here is the return on investment* companies like Shelter Solutions are seeing:

  • 55% less time spent on scheduling and job production
  • 50% less time spent on communication between field and office

*Based on research of internal data conducted by Hobson & Co. on behalf of Buildertrend.

2) Lowers risk and liability

placeholder for testimonial

“There are many times I’ve pulled up photos and videos that have saved me hundreds, even thousands, of dollars of warranty work.”

LUKE STOKES, owner of Allstate Landscape, Flower Mound, Texas


Buildertrend serves as the single source of record for executives. Tracking all communication and digitizing agreements between their company and clients, our platform ensures all details are tracked. We know for every 100 happy clients, there’s one who is … well, not so happy. Now there’s no chance of confusion or questions left unanswered.

3) Wins over customers

Debbie from Tri Pups

“Every customer whom we’ve engaged through the Buildertrend platform has provided such positive feedback on the experience. We’ve even been able to use Buildertrend to secure jobs because it differentiates us from other remodeling companies in the area. Communications with our customers has improved at least ten-fold.”

DEBBIE ALIOTTA, vice president of Tri-Pups, Inc., Southfield, Mich.


Buildertrend is more than just construction job software. For executives, it can also serve as their strongest sales tool. With the Customer Portal feature, clients are given a level of transparency and digital convenience that today’s consumers crave. Here they can track it all, say it all and even pay for it all, too.

4) All-inclusive platform

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“Overall, there is a fundamental change from flying by the seat of my pants with cobbled systems. Buildertrend brings everything together in a far more managed and orderly way.”

ROLF SELVIG, president of Selvig Development, San Francisco


All in one, one for all. That’s the Buildertrend way. Our goal is to make work life easier for the construction executive – and his or her team. That’s why the entire building process comes together in one system with Buildertrend. Estimating. Client Relations. Scheduling. Finances. If you do it – we do it, too.

5) Infinite scalability

Spruce homes quote

“We simply wouldn’t be able to handle our current volume of projects without Buildertrend.”

BRAD BLAIR, owner and founder of Spruce Homes, Saskatoon, SK


As a business grows, so does the stress of running it. Buildertrend is here to help construction executives manage more people, projects and processes – all from the palm of their hands.

Think about it this way. What’s going to be more effective and efficient? Cutting-edge technology that organizes every detail of every job for everyone involved? Or, pen and paper? That’s a no brainer.

6) Facilitates collaboration

Owen Homes quote

“Buildertrend allowed our team to connect on another level, whether it was internally about projects or even with our customers. Without Buildertrend, we wouldn’t have been able to run as many projects as we’re working on today. Buildertrend allowed our team to be a team.”

CHARIELLE SOWERS, director of business development of Owen Homes, Kansas City, Mo.


Building homes is easy. Building good team communication? Eh, maybe not so much. That’s why today’s most innovative construction execs rely on construction software like Buildertrend. This type of tech is for more than project owners. Every crew member and sub are given access, too, allowing them to stay in the loop better than ever before.

7) Allows teams to plan for what’s next

Brett Lott quote

“In times like these where expectations are heightened, Buildertrend has allowed us to plan projects more seamlessly, quickly react to shifting timelines and communicate internally more efficiently.”

BRETT LOTT, founder and president of Brett Lott Homes, Kennewick, Wash.


Good executives think about the here and now. Great ones are focused on the future. Buildertrend gives them that power.

With features like the Schedule and Work in Progress Reporting, companies are better equipped to plan ahead and win tomorrow before today is even over.

Become a boss with Buildertrend

Love is in the air … or in the cloud, in this case. These are just some of the rave reviews for our cloud-based construction project management software. To hear more success stories and see how others are revolutionizing their business, check out all of our customer case studies here.

But why should these execs have all the wins? You can get yours too when you demo with us today.

It’s time to make an executive decision to find a better way to build.

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