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About Tri-Pups, Inc.

Tri-Pups, Inc. is a small construction company offering extensive remodeling services to both commercial and residential customers in Southfield, Mich. The company’s team of six strives to provide customers with a unique experience, priding themselves on communication, honesty and quality of work. Above all, the company offers a positive communication experience to help ease the often challenging and disruptive remodeling process.

Disparate Tools’ Impact on Customer Relationships

Debbie Aliotta, vice president of Tri-Pups, Inc., wore many hats just like other employees in the company. In her role, Debbie is in charge of reviewing paperwork in the office, working on jobsites, overseeing contractors and managing the company’s advertising initiatives. Spread across so many different facets of the business, Debbie admitted customer communication and paperwork began to fall through the cracks. “We were relying on a number of different tools to track our remodeling and maintenance projects,” Debbie said. “We were using Microsoft Project, Excel, QuickBooks, and even just pen and paper. Housing critical information across so many different platforms caused information to get lost, impacting customer relationships.”

Searching for an All-in-One Platform

To overcome these challenges, Debbie started the search for project management software that would allow the company to track the customer journey as well as help enhance customer engagement from the first touchpoint through project completion and beyond. “We were in such dire need for a solution, I even reached out to a company to build an application from scratch that fit our needs, which unfortunately surpassed our budget.” It wasn’t until Debbie attended the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas that she discovered Buildertrend.

“I visited many booths at the show to learn about all the software available, and I quickly found that the majority of software options are designed for in-office needs with capabilities not supporting companies who bridge the office to the field. Once I learned more about Buildertrend, I realized the platform’s features included everything I was looking for in a  custom-built application but at a cost-effective price,” Debbie said.

Tri Pups design concept

Tri Pups design concept back

“Every customer who we’ve engaged through the Buildertrend platform has provided such positive feedback on the experience. We’ve even been able to use Buildertrend to secure jobs because it differentiates us from other remodeling companies in the area.”


After just one month of trying Buildertrend, Tri-Pups, Inc. was ready to commit to making the project management software part of their processes. From there, the team quickly onboarded onto the platform and Buildertrend’s multiple functionalities, including Daily Logs and storing documents and photos, integrating the platform into core company processes and using Buildertrend to help differentiate the company in new business meetings. Today, Tri-Pups, Inc. utilizes Daily logs at every job site to ensure that pertinent information is visible to the team. In addition, the team utilizes Buildertrend’s ability to upload photos from every jobsite so that its customers have visibility into the status of their project, improving customer satisfaction.

“We preview Buildertrend when we meet with new potential customers and discuss how we communicate in real-time through the platform,” Debbie said. “Every customer who we’ve engaged through the Buildertrend platform has provided such positive feedback on the experience. We’ve even been able to use Buildertrend to secure jobs because it differentiates us from other remodeling companies in the area.” Not only has Buildertrend enabled the company to grow its business, but it also improved the experience for current customers. “Communications with our customers has improved at least ten-fold,” Debbie said.

In addition to offering Tri-Pups, Inc. the features and functionalities the company was looking for, Buildertrend allowed the team to utilize the tool, whether they were in the office or out in the field. “Buildertrend’s cloud-based platform is ideal because you don’t need a computer to use it; our team can use a smartphone at a job site to keep our customers up to date on the progress of their remodeling project,” Debbie said.

Debbie also points to Buildertrend’s usability in overcoming challenges quickly. Tri-Pups, Inc. utilized Buildertrend’s unlimited over-the-phone training, a complimentary option to onboard Buildertrend users quickly. “Our team is not tech savvy, so we needed something that was easy to use. Buildertrend allowed us to learn how to use the platform within a week, and I’m also able to train new people on the team effortlessly.”

Tri Pups finished kitchen

Investing in Buildertrend

When asked if she would recommend Buildertrend to other remodelers, Debbie responded with a resounding yes. “Our customers love Buildertrend. And although our owner was initially cautious because of the investment, he became a believer of the platform after using it for one month, and now he recommends it to everyone.”

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