My contractor uses Buildertrend’s home construction app. What’s that?

Does your contractor use Buildertrend’s cloud-based construction software? Not sure what that is? We’ve got you covered.

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So, you’re building a home or doing some remodeling, and your contractor uses Buildertrend. What is Buildertrend, exactly? You may have gotten a quick rundown from your builder, but we’re here to shed a little more light on our home construction app and how it benefits you as the homeowner.

What is Buildertrend?

We’re changing the way the world builds.

Buildertrend is the leading cloud-based construction software used by home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors. Since 2006, Buildertrend has empowered the construction industry to rise above the status quo and radically transform the way it does business. We’re now the leading project management software trusted by builders, remodelers and contractors across the globe.

From day one, settling for good was never good enough. And the founders of Buildertrend realized that’s just what construction pros were doing. Settling. The value of smart technology was missing, which meant there was endless opportunity to enlighten the industry with smarter processes and better systems for managing their business.

That includes systems for working with you. The homeowner. Buildertrend makes it easy for contractors to keep you informed, so you’re never left to guess.

What does Buildertrend mean for you as the homeowner?

One of the most popular features within Buildertrend’s home construction app is the Customer Portal. It’s widely used by contractors to keep their homeowners informed throughout the build or remodel process. This is where contractors and their teams upload daily progress reports, project photos and important documents. They can also give you access to view the schedule, so you know what’s happening on your job each day.

Buildertrend also makes choosing your home finishes and appliances super simple. With the Customer Portal, your contractor can upload all selections for your project, so everything’s easy to access and in one place. And if you change your mind on something, no problem! You can log in to the Customer Portal at any time to review information or make changes. This will also ensure your contractor is aware and everyone’s on the same page.

The Customer Portal also serves as a place to store budget information, and you can even make payments online if your contractor allows it. All information for your project will be kept in Buildertrend for future reference.

With Buildertrend features such as the Schedule, in-platform communication and the convenient mobile app, builders can stay organized, keep you informed with regular updates and move more projects forward while they’re on the go. So, there’s no delay. If your contractor uses Buildertrend’s home construction app, you can find comfort in knowing your new home build or remodeling project will be organized and much more likely to stay on track with deadlines.

Investing in your home is a huge expense, and you should feel confident when picking the person or people for the job. By choosing a contractor who uses Buildertrend’s cloud-based construction software, you’re choosing someone who not only invests in their business but also invests in you.

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