What is Buildertrend?

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You may recognize our bold blue logo or have heard an episode or two of our podcast, The Building Code, but are still wondering: What does Buildertrend actually do?

We’re the No. 1 construction project management software for homebuilders, remodelers and contractors across the globe. Or, to put it simply, we help construction teams find more success and less stress.

Buildertrend is the key for companies big and small to rise above the status quo and radically transform the way they do business. With a full suite of construction management tools, our tech saves real time and real money. How exactly? By connecting everyone involved in a build to everything they need – all in one system. From sales and scheduling to communication and client management, Buildertrend does it all.

Our construction job software is designed to solve project problems by fundamentally changing the way you operate and collaborate with your crew and clients. If it sounds complicated, it’s not. Let’s dig a little deeper.

What is Buildertrend used for?

By this point, you may be thinking: This all makes sense but what does it actually mean for my business? Buildertrend equips your company with the tools it needs to achieve goals that lead to more projects, profits and potential.

Goals like these:

Project scheduling: Buildertrend is construction scheduling software at your fingertips. You can start by creating timelines – then take things to the next level by sharing them with your team, subs and clients. Add daily punch lists or progress updates to streamline communication, and see a project from all angles with month, week, day and Gannt chart views.

Communication between field and office: There’s the old way to communicate – juggling texts, emails, voicemails and more – and the Buildertrend way. Keep everyone in the loop by managing all collaboration in our system. In fact, our customers spend on average 50% less time* on communication.

Client management: No more late-night client calls sounds like a dream, right? Make it a reality with our construction management software. Our Customer Portal feature delivers the instant communication and digital experience today’s clients crave. All they have to do is log in to see where their project stands at any given moment.

Tracking job costs: Time is money. Don’t waste another second (or cent) before getting the big picture of job costs. With our financial tools – like the Budget, Invoicing and Change Orders – you can increase profits and track every penny.

Centralized job documentation: Want to spend less time searching and more time building? Store all your job information in one easy-to-access space – Buildertrend. Because details are easily found, you avoid costly mistakes. Your bottom-line thanks you.

Sales: Manage leads. Land jobs. Repeat. It’s that easy with Buildertrend. Why? Because it doubles as your team’s construction CRM software. You can create, capture and track potential clients in one place to easily turn new leads into new jobs.

Scaling scope of work: Less hassle, more hustle. That’s what Buildertrend empowers you to do. Even as changes happen, you can document updates on-the-go using our homebuilder app. With the tap of a button, everyone from the office to the field is notified of changes, too. Now as your projects grow, your stress level doesn’t have to along with it.

Storage of files, photos and video: With Buildertrend, there’s no limit to what you can do – and store. Unlimited storage allows you to communicate more detail in a fraction of the time, increase organization and create a record of progress and documents.

Resource planning: Subs are an extension of your team – and they can use Buildertrend just like your crew, too. Through a separate account, they stay informed by viewing the Schedule, Daily Logs, To-Do’s, Bids and more.

Forecasting revenue: You don’t need a crystal ball to predict your cash flow. You just need construction estimating software like Buildertrend. Anticipate expenses and track spending as it happens right in our system. It’s that simple.

Selections: Get the right selections on time and on budget. With our robust Selections feature, you can clearly present options, watch the job total adjust as decisions are made and collect electronic signatures to reduce the need of in-person meetings.

Looking professional to clients: Buildertrend carries your branding across client touchpoints to give you a professional look. Why’s this so important? It builds trust and helps you stand out amongst a crowd of competition.

*Based on research of internal data conducted by Hobson & Co on behalf of Buildertrend.

We’re more than just a platform. We’re people, too

At the end of the day, Buildertrend isn’t about us. It’s about you. Our customers are at the center of everything we do. That’s why our team is an extension of yours. We offer unlimited customer support and training to help you get the most bang out of Buildertrend.

Why so much customer love? Well, we know that just because Buildertrend is easy to use doesn’t mean you won’t have questions along the way. We also know that options are a construction team’s best friend. So, we’ve provided plenty of training choices for you to pick the support that works with the way you work.

You’ll start with your dedicated Buildertrend training team as you onboard then you have the option to mix, match or tackle all the paths for leveling up. Because when we say “unlimited training and support,” we mean it.

Additionally, our team of more than 500 doers, dreamers and drivers are always elevating our tech to do more and be better. We listen to customer feedback then actually make something of it. It’s your ideas that help shape our latest features and newest functionalities. We’ll keep pushing forward, together.

Ready to see Buildertrend in action?

Buildertrend is the world’s leading construction management app and a trusted growth partner to teams just like yours. We’re on a mission to change the way the world builds by giving pros all the help they need to deliver real results and experience real change.

Where no tool alone will do, our all-in-one system streamlines every step of the construction process. This is the solution for professionals who love the project but hate the management. But if you’re still wondering what exactly Buildertrend is, we get it. Some things are so good you just have to see it to believe.

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