Buildertrend’s platform leads residential construction as the industry undergoes digital transformation, new report by the Association of Professional Builders finds

Construction software emerges as the clear solution for ensuring future success against hurdles such as material and labor shortages.

Buildertrend APB Annual Report

OMAHA, Neb. (March 14, 2022) – The Association of Professional Builders unveiled its 2022 “State of Residential Construction Industry” data report, naming Buildertrend as the top technology choice for home builders. More than 1,000 pros from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand participated in a survey to create this comprehensive report covering trends in marketing, sales, financials and operations.

Alongside the report’s findings, Buildertrend CEO and co-founder Dan Houghton weighs in on construction software’s impact for today’s hard-working teams. As the industry undergoes a digital transformation, tech is the tool to help overcome hurdles like material and labor shortages.

“Construction technology isn’t just another way to do business – it’s the better way,” Houghton said. “Against supply and workforce issues, we provide contractors and their businesses a digital system that streamlines processes across the board.”

“This is the type of efficiency builders need to remain successful and resilient.”

Survey results also show home builders anticipate spending the same or more on adopting tech this year. Additionally, pen and paper continue to rank as software’s biggest competitor when it comes to planning and managing jobs.

“The industry is ripe for digital disruption, and it’s already begun with Buildertrend leading the way,” said Russ Stephens, business strategy specialist and co-founder of the Association of Professional Builders.

“It was important to include expertise from Buildertrend in the report because there’s nobody better to highlight why spreadsheets just aren’t good enough anymore. Many of the goals cited by those surveyed can be achieved through software. As the No. 1 tech choice industrywide, Buildertrend is one of the best solutions for showing what’s possible.”

Top goals cited in the report include systemizing business, increasing margins and generating more quality leads. CBUSA is also quoted in the piece as a solution for helping home builders accomplish these ambitions.

A subsidiary of Buildertrend, CBUSA is a premier network of home builders, preferred supply vendors and brand partners. This group’s aim is to increase construction teams’ buying power and lower material costs through group buys and rebates.

“Builders are a tough and adaptable bunch of business leaders, but they continue to face some serious headwinds,” said Ryan Lipchek, CBUSA’s vice president of Sales. “Even the best of the best need every competitive advantage to get ahead. CBUSA continues to provide that for its members. Being the builder of choice with suppliers is as important now as ever.”

Through industrywide findings and expert insights, this report reveals what’s really going on behind closed doors for independent builders – and what they can do for long-term success.

Download a free copy here for more insights on the state of the residential construction industry.

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Buildertrend is the No. 1 cloud-based project management software tool used by home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors. Since 2006, more than 1 million users across more than 100 countries have chosen Buildertrend as their preferred platform for real-time collaboration throughout each stage of the construction process. To learn more about Buildertrend, visit and @buildertrend.


CBUSA is a powerful network of independent home builders that helps its members be more competitive in the market by reducing costs, increasing service levels, and creating a community of shared knowledge. The CBUSA Builder Member Network has the combined purchasing volume and buying power of a large national builder. This market strength allows CBUSA Builder Members to gain purchasing advantage over their competitors and to deliver increased purchasing volume to the companies that support their efforts. For more information, visit

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The Association of Professional Builders is a leading business coaching service for custom home builders in the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. It provides tested and proven systems for builders to scale and succeed, based on data, experience, and results.

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