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Our experts uncover how Buildertrend solves your biggest frustrations and pain points – in bingeworthy seasons focused on specific aspects of running a successful business.

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TBW episode 1

Learning the fundamentals of cost codes

March 2, 2021

Listen to our experts talk about the best ways to use cost codes within Buildertrend and how they can help to keep your financial processes organized.

30 minutes

TBW episode 2

Using and prioritizing cost codes within Buildertrend

March 2, 2021

Learn how to prioritize your cost codes and hear about what features and functionality our experts recommend for using cost codes in Buildertrend.

29 minutes

Streamlining financial processes with Quickbooks

Streamlining financial processes with QuickBooks integration

March 2, 2021

Check out the full episode to learn how the two platforms work together to help streamline your business’ financial processes.

31 minutes

TBW Episode 4

Receiving payments and online payment processing with Buildertrend

March 2, 2021

Learn more about best practices for recording payments in Buildertrend and the benefits of using online payments.

25 minutes

Handle job costing

How to handle your job costing with Buildertrend

March 2, 2021

Learn more job costing capabilities and the Purchase Order feature within Buildertrend can improve profitability.

26 minutes

TBW episode 6

How reporting with Buildertrend promotes financial success

March 2, 2021

Learn more about how reporting in Buildertrend allows you to quickly pull job costs and detailed budgets to help make financial decisions.

27 minutes

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