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About McManus Kitchen and Bath

Established in 2015, McManus Kitchen and Bath is a residential remodeling company based in Tallahassee, Fla. The team completes an average of 45 kitchen and bathroom renovations every year. Paul McManus, founder and operator of McManus Kitchen and Bath, has built an experienced team of four full-time staff members and two part-time employees. Over time, he has perfected a simple process for residents to remodel their home without the stress and hassle associated with major home renovations.

McManus Kitchen and Bath: Increasing Business Opportunities Thanks to Buildertrend

When Paul first started McManus Kitchen and Bath in 2015, he and his team were completing an average of 10 renovation projects per year, using Google Sheets to project manage renovations and a separate customer relationship management tool to communicate with potential leads. But while Google Sheets worked for the team when they were handling just a dozen projects at a time, Paul quickly realized that it wasn’t a sustainable method if he wanted to expand his business, increase the number of jobs in his pipeline and open a showroom. “In order to take on more projects, I was interested in finding an all-in-one platform that would meet our project management and CRM needs,” Paul said.

When searching for a platform in 2016, Paul tested other construction management platforms for a couple of months, but ultimately decided to choose Buildertrend because of its comprehensive platform. “Buildertrend has the most robust project management capabilities in the industry and it has a built in CRM tool,” Paul said. Siding with Buildertrend not only provided Paul and his team with the tools they needed, but it also provided Paul cost savings. “I’m currently saving $1,800 per year, because there’s no longer a need to subscribe to CRM or time tracking tools separately.”

Finished bathroom by McManus

“I’m currently saving $1,800 per year, because there’s no longer a need to subscribe to CRM or time tracking tools separately.”

– Paul McManus, Founder and Operator of McManus Kitchen and Bath

Guiding Business Processes

“Once we adopted Buildertrend, we used the solution as a guide and designed our processes around Buildertrend’s features.” Initially, Paul and his team used Buildertrend’s Daily Logs, Scheduling and Customer Communication feature. As the business grew, the team started utilizing Buildertrend’s Purchase Orders, Estimates and Invoicing capabilities. Now that the McManus Kitchen and Bath team uses Buildertrend to manage projects from start to finish, they’ve been able to take on considerably more jobs at a time, and have completed nearly 150 renovation projects using the platform to date, which has resulted in a 300% growth in revenue.

In addition to the project management features, Paul has been very impressed with Buildertrend’s offerings that support overall communications with his team and customers. “Thanks to Buildertrend, I have a line of sight into every project that my team is working on and can effectively communicate status updates to customers at a moment’s notice.”  This visibility is something that has set McManus Kitchen and Bath apart from other competitors in the market, and is something that customers find extremely valuable, too. “When we present to customers in the showroom, we specifically share details with them about how they can check in on their renovations using the Buildertrend platform. We let them know that we will submit two Daily Logs every day on each project, and they love knowing that they have instant access to the latest information on their renovation in real-time. ”

Finished kitchen by McManus

Standout Features: Customer Support & Project Management

According to Paul, Buildertrend’s customer support team has been phenomenal. “When a new employee joins the team, Buildertrend trains new employees once a week to quickly get them on-boarded,” Paul said. “Buildertrend’s live chat is also great, because we can get questions answered immediately,” which has been tremendously beneficial whenever bringing on new team members with varying digital proficiency levels.

As a project management tool, Paul says there’s no other solution on the market that can compete with Buildertrend’s offerings. “Project management is a crucial part of running any residential construction business, and the Buildertrend platform has made such an impact in terms of how we organize projects to ensure we complete them on time.”

Paul is often an advocate for the Buildertrend platform to other builders, and just recently recommended it to two of his peers, both of whom had been using different construction project management tools.

“I actually sat down with another subcontractor to walk through the calendar for a project we were working on together and he was simply in awe with how clear and detailed it was,” Paul said. “I spoke with him a few days later and he told me he had already scheduled a demo with the Buildertrend team.”

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