Hasler Homes: Procuring $10 million in work per year with Buildertrend

Learn how this custom home builder used project management software to get their team on the same page, land more clients and scale their business.

Their challenge: Trying to manage several large projects at the same time

Hasler Homes is one of the top-tier construction companies of the North Shore in Vancouver, British Columbia. But before success, came struggle.

After working as a foreman at an internationally renowned construction company and pursuing his passion for carpentry, Greg Hasler decided to start his own business in 2011. Hasler Homes began with specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodels before expanding into larger projects.

For a few years, Greg was able to handle processes manually, but it soon became obvious he needed help as their focus shifted to high-performance custom homes and large-scale renovations.

“I felt like I was scrambling and didn’t really know what to do,” Greg said.

Greg’s background wasn’t in project management, so he needed something to help him get jobs organized with processes that were easy to use.

Company name
Hasler Homes

Custom homes and large-scale renovations

North Vancouver, British Columbia

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Daily Logs

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Their solution: Keeping everything organized in one platform

Buildertrend’s Schedule feature was the saving grace for getting projects organized and keeping the team and their subcontractors on track. However, as the company added more large-scale jobs, Hasler Homes began to see the value of using the platform to its full capacity.

“The guys in my office are more ‘techy’ than I am,” Greg said. “They started showing me how we can do this with Buildertrend, and we can also do this. So, that’s when we started using it fully as our project management software system.”

Having everything in one place is one of the major benefits the team saw right away. Not only are they tracking progress with the Schedule and Daily Logs, but they’re also managing tasks with To-Do’s and documenting change orders and other client communication, so everything is streamlined.

They’re currently using most of the popular features Buildertrend has to offer, but Greg knows they’ll just continue to improve.

“We probably use about 75% of the capabilities, and we know we can always get better,” he said.

Hasler Homes bathroom

Their success story: Scaling to procure over $10 million in projects each year

The Schedule was the first feature Greg implemented, and it’s one of his favorites still today.

“Prior to having Buildertrend, it would take me hours and hours to manage the schedule,” he said. “Now, I can get it done quickly because we already have it mapped out for each job.”

“I love Gantt charts – so I like that part of the Schedule. Seeing when an item is finished and what other items need to happen before something else can start.”

The Gantt view in the Buildertrend Schedule allows users to link and rearrange schedule items with ease. If one schedule task has to shift, the connected tasks will adjust accordingly, keeping everything in order.

Another Buildertrend feature has been huge for the Hasler Homes team – Daily Logs. It’s been especially helpful for communicating with clients. Instead of just telling homeowners what work was completed or handing them a spreadsheet, they can give them an in-depth look at what’s taking place each day. Full transparency.

Buildertrend is a part of our team, in a sense. It’s been a real big factor in our company growing and being able to procure over $10 million in work a year.

– Greg Hasler, owner, Hasler Homes

Hasler Homes Kitchen

“We add all our photos in there and the clients love it,” Greg said. “They’re always like ‘oh, thank you! We were away, and we saw this is what happened while we weren’t there.’ It helps them to see what we’re actually doing to complete their custom homes.”

The Daily Logs feature showcases how organized Hasler Homes’ processes are and builds trust. Clients are able to see who was on site and what was being worked on.

“Trust is huge in construction,” he said. “We need to know that our clients trust us to do the work.”

For Hasler Homes, Buildertrend has been essential for keeping everyone on the same page. The real-time communication has allowed the team to collaborate, making responses and turnaround times on projects faster.

“Our foremen can check in every day to see where jobs are at and understand where they’re going,” Greg said. “And if we have to send a new guy to a job site, he can filter through the project updates and be up to date before he starts.”

And when Greg isn’t able to make it to every job site, he can quickly review daily logs and progress photos to make sure jobs are moving.

He credits Buildertrend for playing a big role in his company’s success and recommends it to other owners looking to take scale their construction business.

“Buildertrend is a part of our team, in a sense,” Greg said. “It’s been a real big factor in our company growing and being able to procure over $10 million in work a year.”

“If we were doing it without software, I don’t think we’d be able to achieve this current level where we’re at.”

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