Customer success story

DMJ Restorations, LLC & DMJ Design Build, LLC

How Buildertrend’s Budget tool provides end-to-end tracking to keep this team in financial control.

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Their success story

Two revenue streams. One tool to manage it all.

Financials used to be complicated for DMJ Restorations, LLC and DMJ Design Build, LLC – but then along came Buildertrend. Although they are run by the same three business partners, these two companies have separate cashflows. Keeping all the dollars and cents straight was no easy task until construction project management software helped make sense of the numbers.

“Everything is coming together the way we want it to,” said Monty Brock, managing partner. “Also, we have set up a chart of accounts and invoicing process that provides financials for each company discretely as well as providing a rollup. Our accountant loves us.”

As their single source of truth, Buildertrend makes it possible to manage more accurate budgets, more easily.


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Their story

A combination that works

Located outside San Antonio, Texas, DMJ comprises three partners – David Barkley, Joe Valadez and Monty – who bring a wealth of construction and business knowledge to form two world-class companies. DMJ Restorations, LLC focuses on remodeling and restoration while DMJ Design Build, LLC works on new home construction and major additions.

One thing that sets them apart is their use of 3D modeling. Before any project, they create a 3D design that lets clients see their new, renovated or restored home for approval. From the very start, it’s all about offering the best for their best – the community they serve.

The construction software they use to help run their jobs is no exception. Only the best.

Custom kitchen by DMJ Restorations

Their goal

Scaling revenue streams into one smart system

DMJ didn’t always have the best tech in their corner. In fact, before they arrived at Buildertrend, they tried two other solutions.

“We started with a back-of-the-napkin package; something really basic,” Monty said. “Then a suite for the restoration industry. It was good for one side of the company but not the other.”

Their software sorrows came to an end last July when they discovered Buildertrend. Demand was skyrocketing and they needed a system that could help them avoid any growing pains. It wasn’t just about project management. The financial features won the team over, too.

“We are able to handle more jobs more effectively due to a lot of reasons including our processes and people, but one of the biggest reasons is Buildertrend,” Monty said.

Their solution

Tools that protect margins and the team’s time

Literally we’re budgeting a remodeling job in about 30 minutes,” Monty said.

It wasn’t always that easy and efficient. Before, all estimates and expenses were kept in project manager’s heads or Excel spreadsheets. There was no visibility and very little accountability. Today, with the Buildertrend Budget, everyone has access to the numbers.

This feature tracks bills, purchase orders, schedules and more – right from the palm of a user’s hands. The DMJ team integrates those figures with QuickBooks accounting software to further minimize admin hours and maximize profits. The real power of the Budget? It shows actual costs versus estimates to keep jobs on track.  Monty said “we try to always have expenses in the system within 48 hours of expenditure to allow our project managers to have near-real-time visibility.”

During their weekly staff meeting, DMJ can flip through each project’s budget to see if any expense or payment has been missed. That’s accuracy done amazingly fast.

“There’s no questions about it. Our margins have really improved,” Monty said. “Right now, I would say it’s very rare we do not hit our targeted margins. It’s because of our budgeting and change order process. In the past, we might have had three good jobs and one oops. Everything’s tightened up today.”

dmj restorations

Custom home exterior by DMJ Restorations

The Budget isn’t the only way Buildertrend has helped tighten financial processes. DMJ also heavily relies on Payment Processing, powered by Chase, to save hours on each project. Through online payments, Buildertrend serves as their team’s one place to pay subs and get paid by clients. Money in. Money out. It’s that simple.

Prior to Buildertrend, DMJ would have to drive across San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country to collect paper checks from clients. Their vehicles (and stress levels) now get a much-deserved break.

“We pushed more than 100-grand worth of checks from 15 different clients through last week. We didn’t have to pick up anything,” Monty said. “We’re the seventh largest city in the U.S. so we cover a lot of distance.  When we’re not taking time to drive around for checks, that’s a wonderful thing.”

The improved accuracy from tech doesn’t just transfer to their bank accounts. It translates to a better client experience, too.

One of the features that drew DMJ to Buildertrend, as opposed to another system, is the Customer Portal. With only six full-time employees on staff, keeping homeowners in the know put a stretch on the team. Not anymore with this innovative tool.

From a unique login, their clients can access the schedule to see where things stand, communicate with project managers, check progress updates, approve change orders and make payments on invoices. Every detail is made transparent and clearly communicated. Muddled messages lost in emails, texts and face-to-face conversations are a thing of the past.

“Buildertrend takes everything you want the business to do and makes it possible,” Monty said. “You want to have good communication with a customer? Check. A single system with financials and reporting? It’s right there. Something that’s easy to use? You got it all.”

With the budget tool, I have complete confidence in my numbers now.
Monty Brock, managing partner

Custom living room by DMJ Restorations

Their success

Saving hours each week on financial workflows 

Monty and the rest of the DMJ team don’t miss the days when reports had to be pulled manually and a missing receipt meant longer hours or devoured costs. With Buildertrend’s easy-to-use interface, every invoice, receipt and purchase order can be quickly matched to a line item in the Budget.

Monty alone estimates he is saving upwards of five hours per week on financial tracking alone. Before, he would spend two to three hours just getting ready for a Tuesday staff meeting update. Now he opens QuickBooks and Buildertrend, reviews the numbers and it’s done.

Click in. Click out.

“I’m not wasting those hours anymore,” Monty said. “In the four years we’ve been in operation, it’s never been this easy. With the Budget tool, I have complete confidence in my numbers now.”

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