Why should you be using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows you to organize your connections, build your online presence, and leverage common connections with people in your network … but, is it worth a construction company’s time? The short answer: yes, and take it from a successful construction management software company! Here are a few of our tips for utilizing this awesome networking platform. 

  1. Start an introduction. Whether it’s a “cold” introduction or a “warm” introduction, LinkedIn is a great place to start a conversation with prospective clients and company recruits! If you have common connections, have an acquaintance introduce you through a LinkedIn message. Or, if you’re comfortable messaging new people without an intro, just go for it. But, always make sure your message is personalized and speaks in your voice rather than sending a generic message that LinkedIn provides you.
  2. Build rapport. Whether they are written by someone in your company or by another publication, sharing relevant news articles or blogs is a great way to engage with existing connections and gain more contacts. Don’t go overboard, though; just aim for quality posts! When looking at an article, ask yourself, “Is this relevant? Is this beneficial to my audience? Is this from a reliable, credible source?”
  3. Interview preparation. Is your company hiring someone new? LinkedIn will give you a glimpse of people who are interviewing for your company’s open positions. Use it to check out their connections, activity, etc., to gain more information than just what’s on their resume!
  4. Participate in LinkedIn groups. Joining groups that pertain to your industry, and being an active participant in group discussions, can increase traffic to your company’s page.

In order to get the most out of LinkedIn, your company’s page needs to look its best. Follow these simple tips to ensure the page is polished and ready to make an impression:

  • Make sure your page’s profile picture represents your company. Whether it’s your company logo, a team photo, or an individual headshot, make sure it’s a professional and high-quality photo or image. Whatever you decide to use, make sure the picture tells your company’s brand story accurately and in-step with the company culture.
  • Upload a cover photo different from the generic cover that LinkedIn provides. This is a great space to help tell your company’s story. Some ideas include a team photo or picture of your workspace. 
  • Ensure that all of the information on your company’s LinkedIn page is accurate, up-to-date, concise, and relevant to the people that will be visiting your profile. As a reminder, LinkedIn is targeted toward communicating with business professionals and potential company recruits. To help put this into perspective, the Buildertrend page speaks to both recruits and those in the construction industry; so, a lot of our posts and stories revolve around construction management software and our unique company culture!
  • Include relevant keywords in your page description so people can easily find you! Some keywords may include things like “construction company” or “deck builder.”
  • Utilize a custom branded URL, rather than the out-of-the-box URL LinkedIn will assign to you.

And if there are any tips and tricks we’re missing, share yours in the comments below!

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