Top 5 blogs of 2017

As we close the book to 2017, we wanted to take a look back at our top blogs of the year. The following five blogs were the most visited on The Blueprint, so give them a read if you missed them throughout the year!

Implementing New Technology Into Your Company
Bringing new technology into an organization can do wonders for the company … increase productivity, boost sales, and just make your company all around better. But bringing new technology into an organization can also be a complicated process, as you can almost always expect resistance from some of your employees. So, what can you do to make a technology change more appealing and the transition easier? Try following these tips!

Tips for Managing a Younger Workforce
With the shift to a younger workforce, companies are discovering that there are multiple attitudes, habits and expectations that need to be addressed. How do you incorporate these into the existing culture? Try using these techniques to manage your company’s younger employees and set them up for success.

Keeping Homeowners Safe on Jobsite Visits
The task of keeping anyone, especially the owner(s), safe on a jobsite isn’t an easy one, but it sure is important. Utilizing project management software, like Buildertrend, is a great way to keep owners updated on the progress of the project without having to visit. But whether you utilize software or not, the owners are probably going to want to visit the jobsite in person at some point. So, to avoid any accidents, try following these tips to keep owners safe on a jobsite visit!

Training and Managing Your Support Department
So, we’ve told you how to build your support department from the ground up, but what happens after you’ve hired your team? To train, manage, and set your support department up for success, try following these practices that have really worked for us!

How Quality Are Your Team Meetings?
Meetings – no matter what they are for or who is in them – should be a time where employees can share stories, brainstorm ideas and truly feel that they are working together as teammates and coworkers. For the leaders of a company, this meeting time is a way to enable their organization to run smoothly and deliver hard work. So yes, meetings are a necessity, but how do you make them an irreplaceable part of your company culture?

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