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Building a quality support team from the ground up isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely necessary. What makes it so difficult? There are no shortcuts (or at least there shouldn’t be) to finding and training the right people for the job. That means hours of searching and interviewing candidates and spending more hours training them. When it comes to the search portion of this process though, here at Buildertrend, we look for people that display the following:

  1. Exceptional communication skills
    Communication over the phone and computer is already more difficult than in person, so your employees need to be able to make their clients feel valued, and talk to them in a manner where everything will be explained correctly and timely.
  2. Desire to help people
    People that want to help others because they genuinely want to, not just because it’s their job, are what will make your support team the best it can be.
  3. Great critical thinking skills, and ability to solve problems at a very high level
    The ability to figure out exactly what needs to be done, along with the willingness to make it happen, makes for a great support team member.
  4. Effective team player
    From knowing when to ask for help to knowing when to offer help, your support team needs to truly feel that team spirit. Not only does the ideal candidate care about their own tasks, but they will care about their teammates workload too.
  5. Positive “can-do” attitude
    Nobody wants a negative leader, and the same goes for coworkers. A positive, “can-do” attitude not only makes for a great work environment, but it should make for success as well.

Although this may seem like a tough task to take on, it is definitely worth the time. By building your support department with the highest quality employees you can find, you are setting your company up for serious success in the future!

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