Tips for managing a younger workforce

With the shift to a younger workforce, companies are discovering that there are multiple attitudes, habits and expectations that need to be addressed. How do you incorporate these into the existing culture? Try using these techniques to manage your company’s younger employees and set them up for success:

Whether it’s transparency regarding metrics, responsibilities, chain of command, etc., more transparency means more engagement. Your young employees will greatly appreciate being kept in the loop!

Resources for help.
No matter how long your employees have been there, they’re always going to need help at some point, so it’s important to provide them with the resources they need to get that help. From a peer mentor program, to regular check-ins with managers, your young employees need resources to get their questions answered.

Tools they need to do their job.
A younger workforce is very comfortable with technology, so your company’s ability to provide them with the newest technology and software will only benefit you. Not only will you be able to leverage their tech literacy, but it will attract them to the job even more!

Opportunities to grow.
In order to keep these young people engaged at your company, you will need to provide them with advancement opportunities. If they know from the very start that advancement is possible, they will only work harder for you.

Accountability and expectations.
It’s important for everyone, but especially younger people, to have expectations set for them so they can always be working towards something. And with that should come accountability. Keeping them in tune with where they stand (whether it’s good or bad) will help them to strive to do their best.

These techniques are what have led us to success here at Buildertrend. Have anything different that’s worked for your company? Let us know in the comments below!

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