The stats you should be tracking on new construction projects

New construction projects are undeniably hectic, and the jobsite frequently feels like barely organized chaos. Resource constraints, scheduling issues, process concerns and deadlines all compete for attention. So, how do you stop this? To avoid massive headaches and even a few costly mistakes, it’s always vital to track the following stats.

No matter how big or small the job, it’s necessary to create a project timeline before you begin, as well as make sure all necessary parties have their eyes on it. Unexpected things come up – we know they happen! – so construction projects have a tendency to not follow a timeline to a T, but it gives you and your team a place to start. Divide the project into phases, each with its own progress goals, and schedule frequent timeline evaluations. As project hiccups come your way, you’ll be able to address them and adjust on the fly, rather than letting the entire project get bogged down and delayed. Use Buildertrend’s Project Management tools to keep you on track!

Reality is … new construction projects can sometimes be sunk by cost overruns. Although it’s true that the homeowner – not the construction team – is ultimately responsible for the costs, financial constraints can send the project spinning off the rails. And who wants that? Use forecasting tools to accurately predict the entire cost of both labor and materials down to the last nail. While some variation is inevitable, a strong estimate will help keep you on track. Maintain excellent accounting records so that you can see at a glance if an overrun is likely, and be sure to open a dialogue with the owner right away if numbers seem off. Buildertrend’s Financial Tools make budgeting easy.

Construction site safety is heavily regulated, and skirting the rules could result in significant fines. Should an accident occur onsite, you may be on the hook for medical bills and property damage … not to mention a potentially significant loss of business reputation. Yikes, right? In order to mitigate this from happening to you and your company, try conducting regular safety training sessions, safety audits and compliance audits throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. Want a few extra tips on safety? Check out this blog.

In the world we live in, sustainability is far more than a buzzword. Take a hard look at your company’s building materials and processes, and look for ways you can become more environmentally friendly. Jump on the green train and research the latest standards for sustainability on a regular basis! Try to conduct regular audits and training sessions to ensure that every project is as green as it can possibly be.

Your company is only as good as the quality of its last project, yet quality control too often falls by the wayside. The project must always progress in line with the customer’s desired objectives, and the customer should receive regular updates. In addition, the project manager should conduct frequent onsite inspections to ensure that quality standards don’t drop. For larger builds when a lot of things happen at the same time, consider hiring an independent quality control firm.

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