5 ways tech attracts top millennial talent to construction

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Millennials can’t seem to catch a break.

They’re accused of killing everything from diamonds to department stores. They’ve got to claim the likes of Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner as one of their own. Plus, avocado toast sure isn’t cheap.

As millennials themselves would say … the struggle is real.

Of course, they have much bigger problems, too. Like any generation before, they want the opportunity to work hard, make a name for themselves and land a job they love. So why can’t that job be in construction?

Perhaps more than any previous era, millennials challenge the status quo by bucking the belief they have to climb the corporate ladder to be defined as successful. They’re a diverse group with a diverse set of skills. But there’s one thing almost all of them love. Yep, you guessed it. It’s tech.

Texts, Twitter and trending memes. These are just a few of their favorite things. That’s why new tech could be your secret to attracting this new generation. With millennials forecasted to make up to 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, the age-old profession of construction is tasked with stepping into the modern era more than ever. Not to stay hip. To stay afloat.

In fact, having techy tools like cutting-edge, cloud-based software could be the deciding factor between your company and another. Here are the top five ways tech attracts the top talent:

1) Better tech leads to a better business

Better accuracy. Better speed. Better efficiency. Better is simply … well, better. You know who really likes when things are better? It’s those ultra-competitive, Instagram likes-chasing millennials we’ve been talking about.

The amount of ways construction project management can make your business the best are innumerable. We’re talking scheduling, lead generation, providing the right financial tools and streamlined client communication. Millennials like to win. All this sounds like a #winning way to run your company to us.

2) Workplace advancement isn’t just some dream

We’re loyal to those who are loyal to us. That’s true no matter what generation you’re from. Perhaps the easiest way for employers to prove loyal to their team is by providing promotions as well as advancement opportunities. This is especially important for millennials, with 59 percent of them wanting jobs to be development opportunities compared to 41 percent of baby boomers.

So, where does tech come in? When your business relies on more than just hammers and nails to get the job done, you provide this tech-savvy group a chance to show off their specialized skills. Your business will reap the benefits in the form of profits and your youngest employees could too with a raise.

3) Work wherever there’s Wi-Fi

Millennials are a flexible bunch. No, we’re not talking about yoga – although they’ve managed to revolutionize that, too (we’re looking at you, goat yoga lovers). They didn’t grow up in the world of cubical mazes. Instead, they like to work anywhere and everywhere.

With tech, they can take their jobs on the go. Right from the palm of their hands, they can open an app and respond to homeowners, update tasks and review accounting info.

Have Wi-Fi, will work!

4) Every employee wants a purpose. Tech makes it clear

Just doing work isn’t enough anymore. Younger employees want to see the bigger picture and leave a lasting impact. Tech can provide a framework that millennials plug into to see their path towards success. Daily to-do’s give them a clear sense of what’s expected, and in-depth scheduling provides a larger scope of where a project (and their careers) are headed.

Tech is for the forward thinking. It’s for those that are both doers and dreamers. It’s for anybody who wants to be more than just a paycheck collector. Millennials are all that and much more.

5) More tech = more business = more money

Millennials are more than just paycheck collectors, but they’re also looking to make a living. Remember what we said about that avocado toast they love so much? Well, it’s not going to pay for itself.

They want to work for a business that’s profitable, so they too can be profitable. It’s really that simple. Tech helps you run your business better. And a better business makes more money. Cash in now with software that helps you manage projects like a pro.

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New generation, new tech, new opportunities

Times they are a-changing. After all, it seems more people know how to hashtag than hammer now. Instead of mourning what once was, millennials can help you forge forward with new advantages.

To start attracting this now leading group in the workforce, try our millennial-friendly software risk free.

Everyone knows a cellphone in the hands of a millennial is a dangerous thing. Add the Buildertrend app and it’s really dangerous … for your competition that is.

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