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Stay on top of your bottom line with these essential Buildertrend features

Money savers

When you signed up for Buildertrend, you took the first step toward creating efficiency, saving time and money and furthering the success of your business. As a construction business owner, you understand that knowing your bottom line is everything. This means getting better at tracking your job costs, knowing where you stand at any given time and being aware of when you’re losing money.

With Buildertrend’s financial management tools, you can manage money coming in and money going out with ease as well as track changes and make updates in real time. Don’t waste a minute! Get a handle on tracking costs per job. Start reaping the benefits of these essential features that give you the big picture of your job costs.

Owner invoices: Get organized and efficiently track income

Your clients have high expectations and want a single source of truth regarding the bottom line, as well as what they owe and when. Regardless of how you prefer to invoice – progress billing, schedule of payments, invoicing of estimates or billing from your selections sheet or change orders, Buildertrend streamlines your invoicing process with QuickBooks and Xero integrations, online payment processing and notifications for deadlines and reminders.

These quick and efficient processes save you time, which will end up saving you money. Keep your clients updated and get paid faster.

QuickBooks and Xero integrations: Streamline your processes and stay on top of costs

QuickBooks and Xero provide accounting solutions for small businesses, and both softwares are fully integrated with Buildertrend. Integrating your QuickBooks or Xero with your Buildertrend account gives you cloud-based access to your job costing from wherever and is available whenever you need it. The setup is easy and with every sync, your numbers are adjusted in real time.

By integrating your Buildertrend account with QuickBooks and Xero, you will streamline the communication between your office team and your crew in the field. Eliminate the inefficiencies of double data entry and standardize your processes for managing expenses and job costing.

Need help getting started? No problem! We can help you get and stay up and running with Quickbooks and Xero as our customer support reps are experts.

Budget: Always know where you stand

The Budget feature is essential for keeping your projects and jobs on track financially. Whether you’re in the office or out in the field, the budget provides an at-a-glance view of where you stand for each job. Quickly view numbers from estimates, new expected costs, bills and POs, time clock labor, total costs and more. Budgets can be set up from scratch, with a preexisting template or you can import your budget information through one of the many integration options we offer such as Excel.

Additionally, once you have all your budget information entered, you can use the built-in reporting options to quickly review the financial health of your job. This will allow you to make quick pivots or adjustments as needed to ensure your jobs stay on track and on budget.

Make the most of your investment in Buildertrend

By signing up for Buildertend, you’ve invested in the continued success of your construction business. Let us help you get the most from your investment by scheduling a training today. To get signed up, give us a call or reach out to your account executive and they’ll be more than happy to help!

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