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Construction industry professionals are relatively new to LinkedIn. Some are still reluctant to join a social media channel they think is built exclusively for marketers and tech specialists.

Others just feel disconnected from global trends and prefer to network in the “real world.”

If you own a construction business and you’re looking to build new connections and leads online, LinkedIn is one of the best places to do just that. This California-based corporation is not only the most popular job search website in 2022; the platform has grown in the past years to become the largest professional network with more than 800 million users worldwide.

Do you want to find potential customers online and convert them into buyers? Or, maybe you’d rather use the platform to fill open construction jobs and combat the labor shortage? More than any other social media outlet, LinkedIn can be a key piece of your recruitment and construction marketing plan.

Your LinkedIn personal profile is your digital resume. It’s a landing page where users can get to know you better – who you are, what your interests are and the values you stand for. The same goes for your construction business. Your company’s profile can speak to the services you provide and the type of work environment you’ve cultivated.

Here are some quick and easy tips you can use to build a good LinkedIn profile:

Write from a first-person point of view

When you write about yourself or your company, you should own what you say. That’s why you should always use the first-person narrative. Don’t write “Paul Williams is the CEO of Construction SL for over five years.” Instead, write “As the CEO of Construction SL for the past five years, I’ve learned that…”.

This gives authenticity to your story and your background.

Craft a headline and summary

Your profile headline needs to tell people who you are and what your role is. If you’re a Capital Construction Executive or an expert in Architectural Concrete, highlight this experience in your headline. The ‘About’ section in your profile is a space to summarize your skills and motivation. Write one or two paragraphs to show both your personal and professional passions.

These sections play just as important a role to lending credibility to a business’ profile. Here is where you want to state your construction company’s mission statement, what makes your construction team unique and any accolades that prove you’re the best builder to work with – or work for.

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LinkedIn users with a profile photo receive 21 times more profile views and nine times more connection requests than those who don’t.

These stats show how important it is to have an image to boost your social presence on the platform. LinkedIn recommends users upload a picture or logo with a pixel size between 400 (w) x 400 (h) pixels and 7680 (w) x 4320 (h) pixels.

Add projects and certifications

As a construction pro, you’re an expert when it comes to remodeling or home building. Here’s your place to prove it.

LinkedIn gives you the chance to show your network the achievements and official certifications that make you a skilled professional in the construction industry.

If you’re a business owner, you can prove you know your stuff – even beyond the world of building. Tech companies like Google or Buildertrend offer free courses in multiple fields from social media marketing to e-commerce strategies. Perfect your skills and become an expert in different business areas to attract more people to your LinkedIn profile.

Follow these steps to add the licenses and courses you’ve completed throughout your career to your page:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click ‘Add profile section’. Find this button under your name and headline
  • Go to ‘Recommended’. Then, click ‘Add licenses & certifications’
  • Write the name of the course and the organization that issues the certificate. You might also want to add the issue and expiration date if relevant
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Done! Refresh your profile page and make sure everything’s in place

Post relevant content

Monday morning checklist

Your online presence as a construction professional and business is crucial to building a strong brand. Once you’ve created a LinkedIn profile, it’s time to unleash the platform’s real potential: LinkedIn posts and articles.

Members often consider LinkedIn a reliable source of information. LinkedIn was the most trusted social media network in 2021 according to Insider’s Intelligence “Digital Trust Benchmark Report”. This study shows how users are more likely to interact and share content on this online channel than on platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

The sense of community and a non-invasive ad experience are the key pillars that explain LinkedIn’s success. Whether you own a company or you’re an experienced construction worker, LinkedIn gives you all the tools you need to promote your services via content.

Consider using these three types of content:

  •  Posts: Short and straight to the point. LinkedIn posts allow for only 1,300 characters and are easy to share. Write about industry trends and go viral with how-to-do or checklists posts.
  • Articles: These are long posts where you can show your expertise on a certain topic. People tend to interact more with short posts, but articles are best to get an in-depth view of a particular subject.
  • Videos: LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a video post than a plain text post. In social media, video content is king. Use video content to engage your audience and get more exposure.

Network with other professionals

Networking on LinkedIn is important to meet construction professionals who share the same goals and interests as you. When you connect with them, you’re not only adding a new friend to your list but a possible business partner or client.

Send personalized messages to users you might find interesting. Tell them why you want to connect with them and talk about news and updates in the construction industry. The conversation can lead to a future collaboration or an invitation to a LinkedIn group.

LinkedIn groups are perfect places to network.

In these communities, people debate about relevant topics and share their knowledge with members. Join groups like the A/E/C Industry Networking Group and participate in discussions with construction colleagues.

Another great way to network on LinkedIn and improve your social image is to ask for endorsements. When you tell a friend or a new professional connection on LinkedIn to endorse you, you’re asking them to verify a field or skill.

For example, you can ask colleagues to attest to your expertise in construction project management. The only thing they need to do is to go to the ‘Skills’ section in your profile and click ‘Endorse’ next to the skill you want them to highlight.


Construction businesses and professionals are making a name for themselves on LinkedIn in 2022. The platform offers them a space where they can promote their brand and expertise in the industry.

If you’re in the industry and you’d like to boost your online presence, this is the right time to do it. Create a LinkedIn profile, share content and network with other pros to expand your connections.

Feel free to use the tips and tricks in this article to stand out in a platform that grows by leaps and bounds. Build your personal brand, get LinkedIn famous and influence the future of construction.

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