5 reasons to enhance social media marketing in construction

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Social media is huge in today’s marketing world, and anyone can implement it with very little digital marketing experience. Plus, it’s free to use unless you pay to advertise. Paying for ads on social platforms can give you more exposure to your ideal audience, but it’s not entirely necessary.

Statista reported that improved traffic, lead generation and growing follower loyalty are among the top reasons why marketers see value in employing social media in their campaigns, according to HubSpot’s 2021 marketing statistics. Your social media accounts can help you boost SEO while also promoting your work with project photos, connecting with your target clients and sharing potential blog content.

Here are five reasons why one of your key construction business strategies should be enhancing your social media marketing.

1. Promote brand awareness

As of February 2021, Statista reported there are more than 4.2 billion active global social media users worldwide. That’s more than half of the world’s current total population. Given the popularity of social media and the way content is easily shared, it’s the perfect way to introduce potential clients to your construction business. This is where brand awareness is essential. Defining your company’s brand will help solidify your online presence and set you apart from your competition. Creating brand awareness is all about finding a connection with your intended audience.

In addition to bringing attention to your company, a strong presence on these platforms will ensure authenticity. It just isn’t enough to have a website these days. In many cases, people are finding companies through social media first and then visiting their website if they find what they’re looking for.

2. Increase traffic and leads

Social media is a great way to get more traffic to your construction website. Using social channels is free, and it’s easy to adopt. Posting about your company and your work on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn will help to catch the eyes of potential clients and will drive traffic to your website.

Driving traffic to your website through a properly maintained social presence will give you an advantage over your competitors who are lacking a social following. With the combined efforts of social media marketing and a strong construction website, you’re guaranteed to increase leads and ultimately land more sales.

3. Build relationships

Building relationships on social media is all about listening. Social media provides a platform for clients to give instant feedback – positive or negative – and a platform for businesses to take part in the conversation. Social media far surpasses traditional advertising in this aspect because it allows for dialogue between you and your clients.

People tend to purchase from companies that they trust, and using social media is a great way to help build and maintain that trust. When people can see photos of your projects, reviews and feedback from past clients and relationships you’ve formed with them, they’re more likely to trust your brand, which will influence their decision to choose your company over others.

4. Create a community

Forming relationships with your potential, current and past clients will help you to form a loyal online community. With consistent posts, updated content and continued engagement, your social media audience will grow and influence the success of your social and online presence. The more interactive and popular your social media content is, the more leads, direct inquiries and sales your social media marketing efforts will bring.

Creating a community with social media will also help to promote brand recognition through regularly shared content from you and your followers.

5. Gain client insights

What type of information do your customers share? What kinds of content are they looking for? How are they sharing social media content?

These are the kind of questions you need to be asking in order to have and maintain a successful social media presence. Truly understanding your audience on a deeper level will help you to know what it takes to keep them engaged with your brand. Lucky for you, social media channels make it pretty easy to track feedback. There are analytics available as well as the instant feedback you receive through likes, comments and direct messages.

Get the most from your online presence

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