Is your contractor organized with construction software?

Before choosing a contractor, make sure they run an organized business with home building software like Buildertrend.

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Building a new home or doing some remodeling requires a lot of paperwork and plans to start and keep things moving. Your contractor should be organized with all important files saved in a single, easy-to-access location.

Contractors who use Buildertrend can store every document, site plan, photo and video within Buildertrend, so nothing ever gets lost. Every step of every project is documented and can be found quickly within the Files feature when you need it.

Picking the builder who will bring your dream home to life is a pivotal decision. Choosing an organized contractor who uses Buildertrend will help to ensure your project will be completed on time and on budget.

Rest assured all important project files are stored in one place

Buildertrend offers unlimited cloud-based storage that allows all documents, files, photos and videos to be stored, organized and easily accessed. Everything for your project is in one place and can be found quickly within organized folders.

You can retrieve your files at any time to review, sign and reference in the off chance there is a design discrepancy.

Know your project is organized and don’t worry about potential mishaps

It’s unrealistic to think that mistakes never happen, but it’s best to do what you can to avoid them. Contractors using Buildertrend make it easy to do just that.

By storing all important files for your project in one central location, your contractor reduces the chance of things getting lost. More importantly, they’re keeping things organized and making it much harder for job site mistakes to happen. Using Buildertrend’s unlimited file storage ensures all your project files are neatly organized, so everyone can find what they need fast.

Plus, with the Buildertrend mobile app, all documents and photos are available whenever and wherever you need them.

Be involved at every step and communicate in real time

You want to be involved in your new home build or renovation project in any way you can. Choosing a contractor who uses Buildertrend will allow you the opportunity to follow along with photos, videos and essential documents. With Buildertrend’s Customer Portal, you can log in and see the content you need to stay involved with your project.

The Customer Portal is a great way to remain connected with your contractor. Contractors can use it to request signatures on documents and upload progress photos and videos, so you’re never left to guess. All project information uploaded to the Customer Portal will be there for the duration of the project and beyond, so you can access and refer to it at any time.

Having all project files in one central location ensures effective communication with your contractor. Any changes you request will be made and updated in real time, reducing the chance for error as well as the back and forth. Using Buildertrend’s Files feature ensures effective communication and transparency.

Choose an organized Buildertrend contractor

Knowing how to choose a contractor for your home build or remodel should be easier if you know they use Buildertrend. By picking a Buildertrend contractor, you’ll never miss a detail because all communication stays in one place, and you can log in at any time to review important files.

Your home is a huge investment. Be involved every step of the way.

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