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Project Management

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Organization. Time tracking. Reporting. Collaboration. These are just a few of the capabilities that can turn an okay business into a big-time-mack-daddy. With Buildertrend, you’ll get those features and then some. So, you ready to roll?

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Daily logs

With a click of a button, you can document and share important information with employees, subs, vendors and clients.

  • Automatic notifications
  • Voice-to-text
  • Automatic weather recording


Create tasks for yourself, subs, employees and reminders for your clients, all in one place.

  • Add with voice-to-text
  • Attach documents and videos
  • Assign to different users and get automatic notifications


Keep track of all your jobs. Set up a schedule or make changes to an item on the go and instantly notify subs, vendors and team members.

  • Multiple views including Gantt chart
  • Syncs with Google Calendar or Outlook

Storing documents & photos

Unlimited file sharing means eliminating those unnecessary trips back to the office. Your whole team can access files from anywhere.

  • Share photos, documents and video files
  • Organization by job and folder
  • Shareable to multiple users

Send messages

Manage emails, add job specific comments, and control what’s shared all in one convenient place. You can even dictate your message for better efficiency.

  • Use your existing email account
  • Receive push notifications from your phone
  • Keep messages organized in one place

wip report

Work in Progress report

Although necessary, dealing with finances can sometimes be tedious, especially when you’re keeping track of daily expenses. Buildertrend’s Work in Progress report can help you efficiently create the reports you need to keep your projects in check.

  • Create a near real-time comprehensive WIP report
  • Access the right data at the right time for total billings, profit margins and cost to complete on individual jobs or across all jobs
  • Get an at-a-glance view of over billings and under billings for your clients


From submitting warranty issues to scheduling appointments, our electronic warranty makes it simple for you, your homeowners, and your trades to track claims from creation through completion.

  • Attach documents and videos
  • Send and receive automatic notifications
  • Employ custom reporting

Plan markup

Using your smartphone or tablet, you can now easily make changes to plans or blueprints right from the field.

  • Use touch controls to draw on screen
  • Leave comments with voice-to-text
  • Get automatic notifications

Accounts for Trade Partners

Manage the status of important documents and insurance certificates, and automatically notify your subs when they approach expiration.

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