How to manage home builder client expectations with tech

See how using custom home builder software can help you manage and exceed even the highest expectations from your clients.

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Expectations are high, and they keep getting higher. But this isn’t news to you. As a new home builder, especially in today’s climate with increased material costs, you’re aware of the added pressure to make your clients happy.

Exceeding client expectations is important when it comes to building new homes, and now more than ever, homeowners expect an interactive experience. That’s where custom home builder software like Buildertrend can help to keep your clients engaged and happy.

Here’s how to manage home builder client expectations using technology.

Provide real-time communication

Efficient, clear communication methods are the best first step when it comes to effectively managing home builder client expectations. Conflicts often arise as a result of miscommunication of important project details such as change orders or an increase in price for building materials. Keeping everyone on the same page will keep projects running smoothly and reduce the amount of unnecessary friction during the job.

Using Buildertrend’s custom home builder software and its Customer Portal feature for real-time communication is the best way to stay connected with your clients. It not only makes them happy, it’s a great way to keep your projects moving. You will oftentimes need your clients to make decisions regarding their product selections, material options and other finishes. They can log in at any time to check updates, leave comments and make payments.

Be transparent about the project timelines

Delaying timelines for new home builds is something that should be avoided at all costs. Not meeting deadlines and being unclear about the completion date for a new house can lead to unnecessary turmoil and unhappy clients.

Keep timelines on track and exceed high client expectations with Buildertrend’s Schedule feature. The Schedule creates efficiency when managing job timelines and allows for seamless adjustments. Hitting a small bump in the road is no longer an issue with the ability to make shifts with ease. Schedule items in Buildertrend can be linked together, so fast timeline updates can be made almost instantly. Being able to make these quick changes will help manage home builder client expectations and ensure your build will be completed on time.

Be openly transparent with your clients by giving them the ability to follow along. Prioritize open communication by sharing schedule items, so they can always be aware of what’s being completed on a day-to-day basis.

Create relationships and client loyalty

It’s important to keep in mind that homeowners want to feel some sort of connection with the person or people who will be building their new home. Be personable, be friendly and take the time to get to know them. Understand the wants and needs they have for their project, and give them comfort in knowing if they choose you they’ll have the best experience. Pairing professionalism with personal connection is how to build trust in construction.

And after your clients are happily living in their new home, think about sending them a thank you card or email. This will show them that you value their business, and it’s also a great opportunity to ask them for referrals. You may also consider including some kind of incentive, which will encourage clients to take the time to send back any current referrals they may have.

Gather client surveys and feedback

Engage with your clients through every step of the process, even after you’ve finished their project. Use tools such as surveys to ask for feedback. Ask them how you’re doing during their project or ask what you could be doing better. When the project is complete, after thanking them for their business, follow up with them. Send them an email and include a survey to request both testimonials and referrals.

Buildertrend’s construction management platform is integrated with a client survey feature that is offered to Pro users. The Surveys feature allows you to quickly build and send client surveys with the option to ask clients for referrals and the ability to push reviews directly to the testimonial page on your website.

Be a pro at managing client complaints

Although we’d like to think that if you do everything right, clients will always be satisfied, that’s not usually true. So, when you do receive criticism from a client, it’s best to take it and learn from it. Just because they’re addressing some concerns, doesn’t mean they aren’t happy and won’t come back. Chances are they will remain your client and will still send their friends and family your way.

The best thing to do is not let it get to you and don’t argue with them. Instead, see if there’s anything you can do to resolve any issues. Just be sure not to make any promises you can’t keep. And when everything’s said and done, thank them for their honest feedback, apologize if necessary and follow up to make sure all is well.

Let us help you avoid these common client relationship breakdowns

By using Buildertend to manage home builder client expectations, you’ll easily stand apart from your competition. To learn more about our construction software, client relationship management tools, schedule a demo today.

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