How to drive traffic to your website

Getting your company online is important, but even more important is knowing how to drive traffic to your construction website

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If you build it, they will come. This thinking may have worked in “Field of Dreams,” but that’s not how it works for construction websites. You need more than a page that looks great – you need to know how to drive traffic to your website. Let us show you how.

Why is it important to optimize your website to drive more traffic?

Having your site optimized with SEO will not only increase traffic for your construction website, it will ultimately increase the number of qualified leads you receive.

“Optimizing construction websites will allow them to offer content that’s specifically for a certain audience and their needs,” said Mike Stein, web optimization specialist. “Additionally, having a fully optimized site will allow for site users to have a much more pleasant experience. Our customers’ websites will be faster, include more internal linking to assist with site navigation, provide relevant content and allow higher media quality.”

What tactics can you use to drive traffic to your construction website?

Landing qualified leads is easy when you know how to drive traffic to your website. Make sure your construction website is set up for success by using these strategies.

  1. Take advantage of on-page SEO methods: Optimize your website content for search engines and cater to the interests of your target audiences. This includes using tactics such as keywords, alt-text, internal linking and writing meta data.
  2. Upload quality content to your site regularly: Make sure that any written content on your website is engaging, informative and beneficial for the reader. If your content offers value to your readers, they are more likely to engage, share or reach out for a project consultation.
  3. Use your social media channels to promote your business: Using social media costs you nothing, and it’s a channel anyone can use with very little digital marketing experience. Implementing apps such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn will help to catch the eyes of potential clients and send them back to your website.

How can Buildertrend’s Web Services team help implement these tactics?

“Construction businesses can work with our talented specialists,” Mike said. “Our team can work with you to take a personalized approach to your site’s optimization. They can consult and coach you through the processes and strategies designed to best help to increase traffic to the site and user engagement.”

Buildertrend also offers unique services and capabilities that are specialized for homebuilders, renovators and contractors. Using techniques such as these and knowing how to drive traffic to your website will help you stand out from your competition.

“Our websites offer easy ways to add, remove and edit homes for sale as well as communities and floor plans,”said Emily Johnson, web services manager. “Additionally, our Communities and Homes for Sale listings can dynamically connect to maps that show the site user exactly where the home or community is located. We also offer beautiful photo and project galleries to show off your work and services. Making your work visible and eye-catching will help our customers stand out from the rest.”

Get the most from your online presence

At Buildertrend, we’re committed to your success. Now is the perfect time to nail down how to drive traffic to your website and make sure it’s optimized for growth. Check out our web services page to learn more. Our team is always standing by and ready to help! 

If you’re considering Buildertrend and want to learn more about all of the top-notch features and services we have to offer, schedule a demo today!

A complete guide for driving traffic to your construction website

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