Webisode: Fundamentals of cost codes

Chelsea Cole / Buildertrend

This fundamentals of cost codes webisode is the first in our new financial series, “The Bottom Line.” This Buildertrend webisode series is dedicated to giving you expert insights into our software’s financial tools, so you can be confident in knowing you’re making the best decisions for you and your business.

Check out the full episode to learn about the ins and outs of using cost codes and how they can help to keep your financial system organized.

We’ll cover:

  • The concepts and characteristics of organizing your financial system with cost codes
  • Best practices and strategies for structuring cost codes
  • An outline on how to get started using cost codes

Watch now to hear from experts:

  • Zach Wojtowicz, onsite consultant at Buildertrend
  • Reece Barnes, additional training consultant at Buildertrend

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Chelsea Cole
Chelsea Cole

Chelsea Cole is a technical copywriter at Buildertrend

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