How to create better construction daily logs as a sub

Are you ready to take your daily reports to the next level? Discover a better way of filing and managing logs with construction software.

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Every project is different. No day on the job site is truly the same.

Building or fixing up homes is complex, complicated work – arguably, even more so for subcontractors. They have to keep straight how to best communicate with the many different contractors they’re working alongside.

That’s what makes construction daily logs so important. Jobs of all sizes demand regular, detailed reporting so you always know where things stand at any given moment. These must-have notes shouldn’t just be created by project or site managers either. Subs can use them to their benefit, too – especially when completed in construction software.

Here’s why subs should always leave a log for their builders at the end of each workday:

  • Improved contractor relations – The last thing any contractor wants is to play the guessing game when it comes to their subs’ progress on a job. Construction daily logs allow you to communicate all those details while boosting collaboration with any team.
  • Time savings – Job sites are a busy place. There are always new people coming and going. Logs store a wealth of information, so anybody can learn about a project, what’s been done and what’s coming next without searching here, there, everywhere.
  • Dispute resolution – Construction daily logs can be your best friend when it comes to protecting your bottom line and reputation as a sub. Did something go haywire on the job site? Who’s to blame? When did it happen? As long as your logs are filled out properly, these reports can keep your name clean.

For many subs, it’s a no-brainer: Daily logs level up your way of doing business. But how do you level up logs themselves? We’ve got the answer.

4 tips to improve construction daily logs as a sub

1) Be comprehensive – but not complex

Detail. Detail. And more detail. That’s what logs are for. However, you’re not writing the next great American novel here either. It’s important to know when you can remain high level and broad and when you need to give further context. A good rule of thumb: If you think a contractor might question it, add clarity to provide the answer.

To keep things simple, write concisely and use bulleted lists. This can save you hours each week. It’s all about striking the right balance of being thorough but not so much that the log becomes unusable.

Here is a quick list of things all the very best logs include:

  • Site conditions – including weather
  • Personnel onsite and hours worked
  • Any and all delays or disruptions
  • Equipment and materials used
  • Tasks completed

2) Be transparent

Contractors want to know the good, the bad – and everything in between. At the end of the day, construction daily logs can be a subcontractor’s best communication tool. Knowing that, you should use it to deliver both progress updates and problem updates.

As mentioned earlier, construction is complicated work. Mistakes happen. Instead of ignoring what went wrong or trying to cover it up, be transparent. This helps the entire team get ahead of delays and allows for quicker problem-solving.

Transparency reaches new heights with construction software. Unlike paper logs, digital reports allow you to attach photos and videos. Now you can give greater context to any wins or challenges you encounter as a sub.

3) Be consistent

 Consistency builds trust – and the leading contractors want to re-hire those who have it. To show that you’re one of the best in the business, share your logs every day around the same time. If you wait until morning, some of those pertinent details are sure to be left behind in dreamland.

4) Be tech savvy

The future of construction is technology. The best builders aren’t just relying on hammers and nails anymore. Digital tools like Buildertrend have proven themselves to be just as valuable.

It’s time subcontractors get on board, too. As construction software continues to become more important and prevalent, subs increasingly have the option to record and track details with digital construction daily logs. If your builder does use Buildertrend, you can be given a personal sub portal where you create and share updates through the Daily Logs tool.

So, what makes this so much better than the old way of producing reports? Check this out:

  • You’re able to generate personalized and professional-looking logs you can share with builders right from the job site.
  • Instantly update logs onsite using your tablet or mobile device.
  • Easily access previous reports – from wherever – if you need to hunt down information.
  • Since your contractors have access, too, you’ll increase collaboration and coordination throughout the building process.
  • Automatically generate weather reports.
  • Save time using digital templates provided by your builder in your Sub Portal.
  • Add photos, videos and other files to any log for further context.

The benefits of working with a Buildertrend builder don’t stop there …

Buildertrend doesn’t just help you quickly create the most in-depth and valuable construction daily logs imaginable – there are plenty of other reasons subs want to use our platform, too.

Learn what other features are available to you when you work with contractors who use the leading construction software.

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