Buildertrend’s core 4 features: Why customers love ’em – and you should, too

Meet Buildertrend’s core four features! Say “hello” to Schedules, To-Do’s, Daily Logs and File Management.

They’re a friendly bunch. A quartet ready to protect you from inefficiency and introduce you to a new – and better – way of doing business. This fierce foursome acts as the cornerstone to our all-in-one construction project management software.

But what makes them so powerful and popular? Each tool can individually help your business go from laggard to leader, but it’s maximizing usage of all four together that’s been the key to unlocking unparalleled potential for so many contractors. Isn’t it time you revolutionize the way you build, too?

Yeah, we thought so. Even if you’ve been a user of our construction job software for years, it doesn’t hurt to get to know these features a bit better. Maybe you’ll learn something new that will bring your company to the next level.

So, without further ado, we give you the core fore … (insert thundering applause here):


There’s scheduling, and then there’s scheduling done the Buildertrend way. The smart way.

The Scheduling tool in Buildertrend is the best place to keep track of projects, bar none. Of course, you can set up schedules for all your jobs – but it goes way beyond that. Make changes to any items and it will instantly notify your subs, clients and team members so everyone is in the know in seconds. Plus, you can also link To-Do’s to items on the schedule, so you easily know what’s getting done and by who.

But that’s not all. Take advantage of multiple views to see your project from all angles or sync with your personal calendar. You can truly make your job production schedule work for you.

Guess it’s time to toss out that old paper planner, huh?


How are you tracking tasks? Excel spreadsheets, pen and paper … the back of drywall?

We’ve seen it all. There’s a better way to get your to-do’s to-done. All from your phone or the Buildertrend mobile app, our To-Do’s tool lets you easily make checklists and assign tasks to the right people. You can even save your thumbs the workout when adding with voice-to-text functionality.

Better yet, attach documents, photos or videos to each To-Do. Then, add comments, too. When it comes to giving direction, the more detail the better.

Daily Logs

Staying on top of everything going on in any one job (let alone multiple at once) is a job in and of itself. That’s where Daily Logs comes in.

Builders can use them as journal entries that keep everyone informed and engaged. Jot down details of a project, what needs to happen that day, general messaging about what’s going on – anything and everything. Additionally, these are easy to share with your team, subs and even clients.

Daily Logs comes with a few helpful bells and whistles, too. Create with voice-to-text and record weather to paint a full picture of that day. For some customers – like Tri-Pups, Inc. – Daily Logs was the very thing they needed to provide customer service that wows.

File Management   

Every contractor has been there … on the job site but needing an important document that’s back at the office. Stop running here, there, everywhere and take control of your files.

With our File Management tool, you can store all documents, photos and videos for every job all in one place. Not only will this save you time running back to the office, but you’ll find extra efficiency as it’s all organized by project, too. Say “see-ya!” to searching through countless files, folders and emails to get the info you need quick.

Getting that dreaded “storage running out” message won’t happen here either. With unlimited sharing, keep an unlimited number of files in Buildertrend and grant access to whoever needs it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about a thousand pictures? Whoa.

How to get more from the core four …

Maybe you’ve been using the core four for years or you’re just now adapting one of these features, but there’s a way to maximize your usage of each even more.

We bring you the Buildertrend Online Conference! Ta-da! This opportunity is for users who’ve gone beyond onboarding but are still looking to gain more knowledge on how to use our program. It’s one day of expert classes focused on these features, and – best of all – it’s free. Save your seat now!

Or, if you’re not a Buildertrend customer but want to become one to change the way you build, just schedule a demo. The core four can’t wait to meet you!

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