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Buildertrend Learning Academy: Level up your project management experience


Whether you’re new to Buildertrend or looking to take your project management experience to the next level, Buildertrend Learning Academy has the resources you need. From onboarding courses to Super User pathways and everything in between, this learning environment is stocked with webinars, trainings and quizzes to ensure you’re gaining and retaining the information you need to succeed.

At Buildertrend, we work hard to ensure we continually provide you with an out-of-this-world experience and give you everything you need to grow your business. You can now engage and learn with us at your own pace, and you have the freedom to train while on the go via your mobile phone or tablet.

Learn more about the Buildertrend Learning Academy below.

Buildertrend onboarding for new users

Getting started with Buildertrend is easy. In addition to the unlimited, continuous support you receive from your account executive, you now have access to the Buildertrend onboarding courses within the Learning Academy.

Within the Buildertrend onboarding section, you’ll find a series of short videos that cover topics like setting up a job, setting up a user, getting to know some of our quick-win features and getting started with your schedule.

When you’ve completed the onboarding section, you’ll have the opportunity to continue your learning by accessing supplemental resources like live and on-demand webinars or go a step further and level up with one of the certification or Super User pathways below.

Become certified with role-based training courses

You spoke up, and we heard you. You said that you have limited time to train during business hours. So, with the Buildertrend Learning Academy, you’re able to implement a self-guided learning experience and role-based training that complements our current customer service offerings.

Using the Buildertrend certification courses, you can take role-based training courses whenever you have time. Whether you’re the owner, project manager, officer manager, designer or salesperson, there’s a unique certification curriculum path with over six hours of content just for you. Buildertrend Learning Academy will help you become the certified expert in your role.

Ready to level up with Buildertrend?

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