8 tips for recruiting top construction talent

Sean Robinson / Buildertrend

Construction companies that are willing to address today’s small candidate market and take the necessary measures to ensure that they get ahead of the competition will be the companies that win out and hire the best workers. Follow these tips for addressing the challenge and finding the top talent for your construction company:

Position Yourself
If your company uses modern techniques, equipment, technology and tools, that’s something you need to promote about your company. But to actually entice people to come work for you, you need to find them and take the message to them. Whether its high schools, colleges, job fairs, etc., those are all great places for you to talk about and show what the real construction world is like, along with what working for your company would be like.

Streamlined Process
A long, drawn out interview process with too many meetings and delayed responses will lead to missed opportunities. Many times, candidates that your company is interested in might have multiple opportunities presented to them during the time they are looking, so you have to make sure your hiring process is streamlined and effective for best results.

Tangible Results
Craftwork and trades work are great areas for people who would like the satisfaction that comes from seeing tangible results at the end of each day. Try highlighting this benefit when you are talking to prospective employees to increase interest in the jobs you are trying to fill.

Job Training
Develop training programs for new and current employees. Not only will this allow you to get new employees at the level you need them at, but it will allow you to keep current employees sharp. This is also great for career progression since the ability and option to grow in a company is important to many.

Competitive Compensation
The days of making low offers and hoping you can snag someone up for cheap are over. Always ask yourself if the offer you are about to present is one that would truly attract the top talent in your area or if the difference of $5,000 to $10,000 in base salary is more important than the cost of a poor hire.

Pursuing Passive Candidates
Even though these people are generally satisfied with their current position, that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t consider a different opportunity that might be better. It wouldn’t hurt to put some time and effort into engaging with them and even interviewing them. These candidates might be harder to attract but they might be convinced to seriously consider a company with the right process, offer and culture.

Honesty Is the Best Policy
Always speak openly and honestly with your candidates during the interview process for best results. Work hard to identify what you might be able to provide them with, that they aren’t receiving from their current employer … or in other words, figure out what it would take to get them to work for you instead. Discuss the things that motivate and challenge them, or areas like advancement, compensation, etc.

Focus on What You Have
Retaining the employees you currently have should always be a top priority. Make sure your employees are happy and satisfied … and if they are unsatisfied with anything, get feedback and figure out how to make it better.

Hiring top talent for your construction company can be a real challenge, taking a large amount of time and effort to search through a small candidate market. And although there are many things to consider when trying to recruit talent for your company, if you focus on following these tips in addition to following your instincts about your prospective employees, you will be more likely to acquire and retain successful hires.

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