Common mistakes to avoid when hiring new employees

When it comes to the hiring process, many companies aren’t maximizing their efforts, and they don’t even realize it! If you’re struggling to find the right people, that could be due to a few common mistakes that many companies make. It’s time to make sure you’re conducting your interview process in the best way possible. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when going through the hiring process:

Using unclear job descriptions.
If you want candidates to apply for your available positions, you need to make sure that you are explaining the jobs in detail. Make sure your job descriptions are concise and include all of the important factors that will convince candidates to apply (time commitments, growth opportunities, benefits, etc.).

Not checking backgrounds or utilizing references.
If you ask for references on your job applications, make sure you follow through with those, along with background checks, to find out all of the necessary information about a candidate.

Not throwing a wide-enough net to find candidates.
In this day and age, there are so many different avenues to find prospects for your company, but are you utilizing them? Start with job fairs, school visits, referral bonuses, advertisements, online networking, and stop limiting yourself on which sources your company uses to find talent!

Waiting until the last minute to hire.
When you are desperate for someone to fill a position, your company is more likely to hire anyone that walks through the door. And more often than not, that leads to a poor hire situation. If you want quality employees, you need to be looking for them all the time, not just when you are in desperate need.

Only paying attention to their skills.
Sure, skills are important but a person’s character is just as important. When looking at candidates, you want their skills to fit with what you need. You also need them to be of sound character if you want them to stick around and truly help your company.

Don’t force a candidate to fit a role that isn’t meant for them.
One of the quickest ways to lose a solid employee? Moving them into a position you need filled but they are unable or uninterested in filling. You need to recognize your employees’ personalities and skills and position them for success based on those traits and abilities.

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