Buildertrend launches “The Better Way” construction podcast

Our new podcast will help customers deepen their knowledge of our software by demonstrating how to run a better business with tech

OMAHA, Neb. (Feb. 5, 2021) – Buildertrend – the No. 1 construction software for homebuilders, remodelers and contractors – announces the launch of “The Better Way,” a new podcast focused on how technology simplifies complex processes for today’s construction businesses.

“This exciting construction podcast is part of an existing and growing arsenal of owned content that Buildertrend produces to demonstrate our commitment to training our customers to be better business owners – beyond just with using our technology,” said Eric Fischer, Buildertrend’s vice president of Customer Success.

Episodes of the new construction podcast will run approximately 20 minutes and be released in seasons. Each season will dive deep into a specific aspect of running a successful business, discussing how you can use Buildertrend’s digital tools to streamline workflows and boost profitability. The first season is six episodes and highlights financial processes. It will be followed by such topics as risk management, scheduling and client communication.

Since episodes are shorter and released in seasons, they’re an ideal length for industry professionals to listen to on the go between the office and field. Listeners will hear from Buildertrend’s award-winning team of consultants how to solve common pain points using construction software.

“We’re taking the expertise our team built over the years and bottling it up in a highly consumable format,” Fischer said. “Our cloud-based software helps construction professionals solve real problems, deliver real results and experience real change. ‘The Better Way’ will explore how it’s done.”

“The Better Way” trailer is available to stream now. The first season, covering financials, is scheduled to launch in February.

This is the second construction podcast by Buildertrend. “The Better Way” is hosted by a lineup of Buildertrend’s in-house subject matter experts, who demonstrate how Buildertrend technology solves common industry shortfalls. Buildertrend’s original podcast, “The Building Code“, shares inspiring stories from experts across the construction industry. Both are available for listeners to subscribe to now.

About Buildertrend

Buildertrend is the No. 1 cloud-based project management software tool used by homebuilders, remodelers and specialty contractors. Since 2006, more than 1 million users across more than 100 countries have chosen Buildertrend as their preferred platform for real-time collaboration throughout each stage of the construction process. To learn more about Buildertrend, visit and @buildertrend.

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