Buildertrend data report proves remote access to project management software is critical for business success

Data finds builders with construction project management technology primed to navigate industry hurdles in 2021 and beyond

OMAHA, Neb. (June 15, 2021) – Buildertrend, the leading provider of cloud-based remote project management software, released its 2021 data report, “How Tech is Shaping the Future of Construction,” and revealed that tech is the clear solution to scale construction businesses in the face of industry hurdles ahead: skyrocketing demand, labor shortages and rising supply costs.

Buildertrend’s data report demonstrates with expert interviews, proprietary data analysis and industry findings how and why the construction industry is undergoing a digital transformation. This is the second report the Omaha tech company has published that covers the industry need-to-knows of the last year.

The internal team’s proprietary data research uncovered that the adoption of a construction project management software, such as Buildertrend, has emerged as the most effective tool to enhance businesses’ collaboration with clients, increase team productivity and boost profitability. So much so that:

  • 75% of projects were completed on time or ahead of time
  • Purchase orders were approved twice as fast
  • Change orders were approved 33% quicker

As construction companies adapt to challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, new issues such as a nationwide labor shortage, soaring demand for new single-family houses and record-high cost of lumber, create more hurdles ahead for those in the industry. Although technology has proven to assist businesses facing unprecedented challenges, construction still remains the second-least digitized industry, ahead of agriculture.

“We all know our industry is behind in terms of innovation and leveraging the newest technologies available,” said Bill Smithers, CBUSA founder and president. “We need to continue to build and use tools that allow us to be more cognizant of what we do every day as builders, and also aware of how we are doing it.”

Best practices in the construction industry continuously evolve. This frequent shift influenced Buildertrend to expand its data science team in 2017, which was established to stay on top of trends and analyze overall industry-related data.

“Having a team dedicated to observing trends and industry struggles gives us the unique opportunity to assist builders on how to prepare for the future,” said Luke Christiansen, senior vice president of data and research at Buildertrend. “Our hope is that this information provides actionable insights to businesses worldwide by creating the best experience possible for clients.”

For more insights on how digitized construction project management is molding the future of construction productivity and success, download a free copy of Buildertrend’s 2021 “How Tech is Shaping the Future of Construction” report.

About Buildertrend’s 2021 Data Report

The proprietary data for the 2021 “How Tech is Shaping the Future of Construction” report includes insights from experts and published industry research, all collected and analyzed by Buildertrend’s data team. For a detailed list of sources, please contact

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