Compassion in construction with Ed Earl

Episode 64

Joining Tom and Paul on this episode of “The Building Code” is none other than The Zen Builder, otherwise known as Ed Earl. Ed spoke to the guys about how to be a compassionate contractor and the three mortal sins in the construction industry.


Ed has been a Buddhist practitioner for over 20 years. After being a construction project manager of a nunnery and seeing how people dealt with the chaos and anxiety of a construction job, he was inspired.

Ed works to teach construction industry professionals how to switch from judgement to compassion when it comes to dealing with hard-to-deal-with homeowners. He explained that homeowners may seem combative but truly, they are stressed.

“Homeowners don’t realize they are buying a process, not a project.” – Ed Earl

Overcoming the three mortal sins

  1. Always be marketing and selling. Branding and getting your name out there is a never-ending job. So never stop doing it.
  2. Always be recruiting good people. If you wait until your top project manager leaves, it’s too late.
  3. Always be adopting new technology. As times change, you must as well. Ed’s first recommendation for any construction company is to sign up for a cloud-based software!

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