How to utilize YouTube with Jesse Lane: J. Lane Construction

Episode 43

Joining us on this episode of The Building Code is Jesse Lane, president of J. Lane Construction based in Jacksonville, Fla. Jesse combined his love of video and marketing his business by creating a YouTube channel. Listen to the full episode to hear Jesse’s tips and tricks on how to add value to your marketing efforts using video.


Just start. If you never start, you’ll never get feedback or be able to improve.

Be real. Authenticity is the key to just about everything on social media. As Paul points out, transparency is held to a higher value than perfectionism. Share your struggles and your story. This helps viewers relate to you.

Provide massive value. Don’t just create content to have something to upload. Create content that will teach, entertain or impact your viewers.


J.Lane Construction builds positive company culture by holding monthly staff meetings, roundtable-style. They are also starting to implement activities to build stronger relationships with their subcontractors. Paul talks about how important it is to have solid relationships with your subs. Jesse said his subs are fans of Buildertrend, because they get paid so quickly through the WePay feature.


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