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Top 5 tools to manage your social media strategy in 2021

So, you’ve mastered the basics of social media and now you want to take things to the next level? You need these marketing tools in your arsenal.

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Did you know the time someone spends on social media has increased 43% since the start of COVID-19?

It’s true. The power of social media has never been greater.  That’s why you, like any smart construction business owner, know that social media is a marketing tool must-have. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are about much more than posting selfies. They’re essential for finding new clients, driving traffic to your website and emboldening your brand. Clients looking for contractors to build their new home or specialty contractors to install a new pool are on social media – and you have the power to meet them where they’re already at.

But hip-hopping from one outlet to the next is time-consuming at best. Or, just not possible for your company with rising demand, at worst. It becomes even more taxing when you consider you need to post at peak times to engage with as much of your audience as possible. It’s exhausting – even if your construction business has a dedicated marketing expert.

It’s time you rethink your social media strategy. Just like Buildertrend is tech that helps teams streamline construction processes, there are digital marketing tools that do the same for social media. We’re talking everything from scheduling new content to analyzing performance.

If you’re ready to take the stress out of social media, you need at least one of these tools to back you up.


1) Hootsuite

This is your all-in-one solution for scheduling, monitoring and analytics. Consider your bases covered.

Hootsuite has been changing the social media strategy game since 2008 and remains one of the market leaders. For good reason, too. Hootsuite includes a full scheduler for queuing posts in advance across more than 35 social networks. Once you’ve got your posts uploaded, it’s easy to reorder and update plans with a simple drag and drop.

Its power goes way beyond scheduling. You can also analyze performance by drawing from more than 200 metrics then export your results in Excel. With social streams, your team can also easily watch for mentions, new followers, hashtags and engagements across one dashboard.

This system is trusted by more than 18 million users worldwide – you could be next.


2) Sprout Social

While Hootsuite is a great solution for businesses and users of all types, Sprout Social is one of the best options out there specifically for medium to large businesses. It’s important to note: Both platforms come loaded with many of the same functionalities.

So, how do you know which one to choose? Well, it depends on what your business is looking for. Hootsuite has an extensive list of social network integrations while Sprout is known for its user-friendly, easy-to-navigate design.

The Sprout dashboard really stands out. At a glance, it gives you a rundown of your social media campaigns, from today’s posts to channel messages to daily engagement rates. It gets you up to speed in seconds.

When choosing between Hootsuite and Sprout for upping your social media strategy, you really can’t go wrong.


3) Canva

You’re a construction business owner – not a graphic designer. So, what do you if you want to create Facebook ads, Pinterest graphics or LinkedIn banners?

Canva is the solution.

This is the ultimate tool to help you manage everything visual when it comes to executing social media strategy. Even without knowing anything about web design, you can make something amazing and attention-grabbing.

Best of all, usage of this platform is free. It’s fun, easy and the end results are sure to send engagement rates soaring. All it takes is a few clicks to get creative.


4) TubeBuddy

YouTube and construction seem to go hand in hand. The work of building homes is complicated – so often it’s not good enough to snap a picture, hit upload and call it a day. Video tells a more complete story.

Vlogs, webinars, DIYers and tours of really cool builds are all the rage in the industry. That’s why YouTube is king for construction. As such, your company may want to consider getting on the social media platform if it isn’t already. Once you do, one of the best tools to help you manage content is TubeBuddy.

Adding another social media platform doesn’t have to add hours to your day with this marketing tool. TubeBuddy empowers you to schedule videos in advance, promote uploads, create canned responses for comment moderation, use templates to quickly add calls to action to each video and filter through comments to find what you want to focus on.

If you want to win YouTube, TubeBuddy is the friend you need.


5) Buildertrend

The leading construction project management software, Buildertrend, not only helps you streamline your jobs but your social media strategy, too. With unlimited storage capabilities, you can keep as many pictures and videos as you want right in our platform. Better yet, they are organized by job and can be added to Daily Logs.

How does this help with social? This makes great content for you to post and show the progression of your builds. It’s all super simple, too. Your team just quickly captures a picture or video on the job site then uploads it to Buildertrend in seconds. You as the owner can then log in, check on progress and decide what to share across social media.

Or, let your clients do the work for you. Through the Customer Portal feature, you can share the same images, videos and daily logs with homeowners. Encourage them to post these updates across their social platforms. That means all their friends and family see your great work firsthand.

That’s word-of-mouth marketing gone digital.

Want more marketing tips?

If you want more, we’ve got it. The Buildertrend Resource Library is jam-packed with helpful articles to improve your social media strategy – whether you’re just getting started online or more of an expert.

Let’s get social, too. Be sure to find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn.

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