Feature spotlight: Scheduling

Episode 31

Joining us on The Building Code is Gina Saccoman, a Buildertrend Product Release Coordinator, for a “Feature Spotlight” all about our Scheduling feature! Gina was a Customer Success Manager when she first joined Buildertrend a little over six years ago, which makes her a great resource for Buildertrend users and an excellent choice to feature on the podcast.

All About Scheduling

The Buildertrend Scheduling feature is located within the Project Management tab, and – this may not surprise anyone listening – it’s a very popular feature. Why? For starters, it’s the best place to keep track of projects. It also heightens communication among the contractor, subcontractors and homeowners. Whenever changes are made with the schedule, it’s tracked in Buildertrend and allows the builder to communicate with everyone involved in the project. It doesn’t matter what size of company you have or what type of work you do, this feature is a must-use tool.

Best Practices with the Scheduling Tool

When it comes to using the Scheduling feature, here are a few best practices to follow:

  • Change the default view depending on what works best for you. There are seven different views to choose from, and any of them can be set as your default view.
  • Use your baseline. This allows all tasks to shift within the job when something gets delayed.
  • Use phases to your advantage. By allowing the homeowners to see phases, they will be able to see the project moving along without having to get into the weeds with you and your team.
  • If color coding is your thing, then color code your jobs. They will show up on the schedule as the assigned color you set, which helps differentiate the jobs within the project.


Sneak Peak: Slack on the Schedule

Gina surprised us with an exciting announcement while on the podcast! A new add-on will be coming soon to the Scheduling feature called Slack on the Schedule. This add-on will allow users to add leeway between items before ever causing a shift in due dates. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting feature enhancement.

More About Gina

Would it really be a podcast with one of our own if we didn’t share fun facts? Nope. So, here are a few nuggets about Gina.

  • Gina is known for her use of the airhorn in the office.
  • Her favorite feature of Buildertrend is To-Do’s!
  • She started gymnastics at age seven, which led her to become a two-time All American on vault while competing for the University of Nebraska. Check her mad tumbling skills out here.

Links & More

The word Paul and Tom use in this podcast is “rigamaro” (rig-uh-more-ROH). Rigamaro is a slang term that originated from the proper word rigamarole. Its definition is “the process of putting someone through stress to get from point A to point B.”

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