Behind the scenes with Tad Starsiak of Good Bones

Episode 28

On this episode of The Building Code, we feature Tad Starsiak – Project Manager at Two Chicks and a Hammer (Indianapolis, Ind.), the company behind the HGTV show Good Bones!

Tad, the Hammer

Where does Tad fit between the dynamic duo of Mina and Karen, who you see on the show? You might see him taking part in demolitions when he’s not managing projects (and he’s Mina’s brother, if you want specifics). When he was only in eighth grade, Tad started demolition work for Two Chicks and a Hammer to make a little side money; he kept on doing it throughout high school, back when the show wasn’t even on the roadmap!

About Two Chicks and a Hammer & Good Bones

How did Two Chicks and a Hammer come to be? In 2007, Mina and Karen wanted to revitalize their surrounding neighborhoods. They started with one home, then moved to two homes per year until 2012-2013 when things took off. Shortly after, Good Bones premiered and their business took off, increasing their home renovations to around 10 per year.

So, how do the Two Chicks and a Hammer crew they find their next projects? “… we pick the nastiest, most disgusting houses in the area,” explained Tad. They pick the cheap ones, the ones nobody else wants because the foundations are completely rotted and everything is run down. When your focus is on revitalizing a neighborhood, profit doesn’t matter … it’s all about improving as much of their city as they can.

Business Can Be Messy …

With crazy business growth, some form of messiness usually enters the equation, which is where Buildertrend came into play for Two Chicks and a Hammer almost two years ago. Once the construction project management software was fully implemented, Mina and Karen’s business and processes gained clarity and efficiency. Today, Mina can confidently check on something with Tad, and he’ll always be the first to tell her that if she had checked the Daily Logs she’d know the answer to her question (no sibling sass happening here, clearly).

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